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One Thousand Years of Russian Church Music: 988–1988

Vladimir Morosan
Musica Russica
0-9629460-0-1 (hardbound)
Series I, Vol. 1
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A unique musical anthology that presents a panorama of church music in Russia from the origins to 1917, drawing on previously unpublished treasures of chant and Baroque polyphony in Russian archives, as well as the best-loved liturgical compositions, chant arrangements, and sacred concertos of the 19th-century choral repertoire. The volume includes 79 different titles by composers ranging from Ivan the Terrible and Fyodor Khristianin to Diletsky, Titov, Bortniansky, Lvov, Glinka, and Balakirev. Includes introductory article, critical notes, glossary of liturgical terms, composer biographies, and extensive bibliography.


Table of Contents

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Vladimir Morosan ~ One Thousand Years of Russian Church Music ~ An Introduction
I. Monophonic Chants (late 11th - late 17th c.)
1 Two facsimiles from the Blagoveshchensky Kondakar (11th c.)
2 Kondakarian Chant Resurrectional Hypakoe in Tone 3 Pdf_small
3 Facsimile from the Festal Sticherarion (12th c.)
4 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Heirmos of the Kanon for St. Demetrius Pdf_small
5 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Sticheron for St. Mary of Egypt Pdf_small
6 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Gospel Sticheron No. 8 Pdf_small
7 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Sticheron for St. Peter of Moscow Pdf_small
8 Feodor Krestianin Gospel Sticheron No. 2 Pdf_small
9 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Sticheron for the Dormition Pdf_small
10 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Sticheron for Holy Princess Olga Pdf_small
11 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Sticheron for St. Prince Vladimir Pdf_small
12 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Sticheron for SS. Boris and Gleb Pdf_small
13 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Sticheron for St. Prince Alexander Nevsky Pdf_small
14 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Stichera for St. Sergius of Radonezh Pdf_small
15 Anonymous Znamenny Chant Troparion and Antiphons for Great Friday Pdf_small
16 Tikhvin Monastery Melody, It Is Truly Fitting Pdf_small
17 Faddei Subbotin Sticheron for the Archangel Michael Pdf_small
18 Opekalov Monastery Melody , Holy God ("Funereal") Pdf_small
19 Anonymous (Kievan Chant) Blessed Is the Man (2 variants) Pdf_small
20 Anonymous Bulgarian Chant Resurrectional Troparia in 8 Tones Pdf_small
II. Early Polyphony (17th c.)
21 Anonymous Znamenny Polyphony It Is Truly Fitting (Greek Chant) Pdf_small
22 Anonymous Znamenny Polyphony To You, the Destined Leader Pdf_small
23 Anonymous Znamenny Polyphony (Early 17th C.) Cherubic Hymn (“Jerusalem”) Pdf_small
24 Anonymous Znamenny Polyphony Cherubic Hymn (“Three-Voiced”) Pdf_small
25 Anonymous Demestvenny Polyphony Today Christ Is Born Pdf_small
III. Polyphony in the Western European Style – Sacred Part-Songs (17th – early 18th c.)
26 Anonymous Partesny Polyphony Rejoice, I Hymn Thy Joy Pdf_small
Yepifani Slavinetsky How May We Worthily Praise Thee? Pdf_small
28 Yepifani Slavinetsky O Most Holy Maiden Mary Pdf_small
29 German, Monk Today Is the Day of Rejoicing Pdf_small
30 German, Monk Christ Is Born Pdf_small
31 Anonymous Partesny Polyphony Praise Ye All Our Lord Pdf_small
IV. The Baroque Style – The "Divine Service" (second half of hte 17th c.)
32 Anonymous “Divine Service”, The Pdf_small
V. The Baroque Style – Sacred Concertos (late 17th c. – early 18th centuries)
33 Nikolai Diletsky Praise the Name of the Lord Pdf_small
34 Anonymous Partesny Polyphony My Queen Most Blessed Pdf_small
35 Vasily Titov O Virgin Unwedded Pdf_small
VI. Italian Compositions for the Russian Church (second half of the 18th c.)
36 Baldassare Galuppi In the Flesh Thou Didst Fall Asleep Pdf_small
37 Giuseppe Sarti Now the Powers of Heaven Pdf_small
VII. The Common European Style – Sacred Concertos (late 18th – early 20th c.)
38 Maksim Berezovsky Do Not Reject Me in My Old Age Pdf_small
39 Dmitry Bortniansky Lord, Make Me to Know My End Pdf_small
40 Artemy Vedel By the Rivers of Babylon Pdf_small
41 Stepan Davydov Be Renewed, O New Jerusalem Pdf_small
42 Aleksei Lvov Standing Before the Cross Pdf_small
43 César Cui My Soul Magnifies the Lord Pdf_small
44 Sergei Rachmaninoff Theotokos, Ever-Vigilant in Prayer, The
45 Aleksei Turenkov Today Christ Is Born in Bethlehem Pdf_small
VIII. The Common European Style – Sacred Trios (late 18th – early 20th c.)
46 Dmitry Bortniansky Let My Prayer Arise No. 2 Pdf_small
48 Archpriest Pyotr Turchaninov Arise, O God Pdf_small
47 Artemy Vedel Open to Me the Doors of Repentance Pdf_small
49 Pavel Vorotnikov The Wise Thief Pdf_small
50 Aleksei Turenkov Wise Thief, The (No. 3) Pdf_small
IX. The Common European Style – Polyphonic Compositions for the Liturgy (late 18th – early 20th c.)
51 Dmitry Bortniansky Cherubic Hymn No. 7 Pdf_small
52 Stepan Degtiaryov Praise the Name of the Lord Pdf_small
53 Artemy Vedel Lord, Now Lettest Thou Pdf_small
54 Aleksei Lvov Of Thy Mystical Supper Pdf_small
55 Archimandrite Feofan Aleksandrov Mercy of Peace, A Pdf_small
56 Mikhail Glinka Cherubic Hymn Pdf_small
57 Pavel Makarov The Angel Cried Out Pdf_small
58 Ivan Dvoretsky Gladsome Light Pdf_small
59 Priest Mikhail Vinogradov Mercy of Peace, A Pdf_small
60 Gavriil Lomakin Cherubic Hymn No. 9 Pdf_small
61 Priest Vasily Starorussky From My Youth Pdf_small
62 Anton Arensky Our Father Pdf_small
63 Archpriest Dmitry Allemanov Christ Is Born Pdf_small
64 Semyon Panchenko In Thy Kingdom Pdf_small
X. The Common European Style – Arrangements of Liturgical Chants (late 18th – early 20th c.)
65 Dmitry Bortniansky Thy Bridal Chamber Pdf_small
66 Archpriest Pyotr Turchaninov All Creation Rejoices in You Pdf_small
67 Hieromonk Viktor Vysotsky Cherubic Hymn Pdf_small
68 Aleksei Lvov It Is Truly Fitting No. 3 Pdf_small
69 Nikolai Potulov Praise the Lord from the Heavens Pdf_small
70 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody Blessed Is the Man Pdf_small
71 Miliy Balakirev Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Pdf_small
72 Evstafy Azeyev Cherubic Hymn, The Pdf_small
73 Semyon Panchenko Bless the Lord, O My Soul Pdf_small
XI. The Russian National Style – Chant Arrangements and Polyphonic Compositions (late 19th – early 20th c.)
75 Stepan Smolensky Paschal Stichera Pdf_small
76 Anatoly Liadov Glory to God in the Highest Pdf_small
77 Dmitry Yaichkov It Is Truly Fitting (“from Mt. Athos”) Pdf_small
78 Nikolai Tolstiakov Bless the Lord, O My Soul Pdf_small
79 Nikolai Golovanov Our Father Pdf_small
I. List of Abbreviations
II. Critical Notes
III. Glossary of Liturgical and Ecclesiastical Musical Terms
IV. Annotated Index of Liturgical Hymns
V. Composers' Biographies
VI. Select Bibliography
VII. The RUSSICA™ Transliteration System