Giuseppe Sarti (1729-1802)

SARTI, GUISEPPE (b. 1 December 1729, Faenza; d. 28 July 1802, Berlin) — Italian composer; studied in Faenza, Padua and with Padre Martini in Bologna. From 1742 through 1784 held a number of posts in Faenza, Copenhagen, Venice (from 1779–84 was maestro di cappella at the Cathedral of St. Mark), and composed more than 50 operas. In 1784 was invited to Russia, where he held the post of Court kapellmeister in 1784–86 and again in 1790–1801; in the interim years worked in the service of G. A. Potyomkin. Was the teacher of a number of Russian composers, including A. L. Vedel, L. S. Gu-rilyov, S. I. Davydov, S. A. Degtiaryov, and D. N. Kashin. While in Russia, Sarti composed a number of cantatas and works in the oratorio genre for chorus with orchestra, and also approx. ten works for the Orthodox liturgy, for chorus a cappella. Although these works were published only at the beginning of the 20th c., many had become fixtures in the repertoire of church choirs in the 19th c. All of them are composed in the stile antico, partly homophonic, and partly contrapuntal, characteristic for Roman Catholic church music of that time.
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Nïne silï nebesnïya

Giuseppe Sarti


Church Slavonic


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Rejoice, ye people

Giuseppe Sarti

Let God Arise

Male Choir of Moscow Representation Church of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery