Aleksei Turenkov (1886-1958)


TURENKOV, Aleksei Yevlampiyevich (b. 9 [21] January,1886, St. Petersburg; d. 27 September1958, Minsk) — Byelorussian by nationality. Studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory from 1911-1914. In 1916-17 edited anthologies of sacred music, published by P. Kireyev in Petrograd. After 1918 focused his attention on Byelorussian folk music. Turenkov’s compositional output consists primarily of choral music. According to available information, his sacred musical works, published in anthologies of Kireyev, number 26; among them are hymns from various services and several sacred concertos. Turenkov’s works show him to be a skillful master of choral writing; their style is essentially European.

Hnp050_search Aleksei Turenkov The Wise Thief (No. 3)

Aleksei Turenkov




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V1-50_search Aleksei Turenkov Wise Thief, The (No. 3)
Razboynika blagorazumnago

Aleksei Turenkov


Church Slavonic


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