Priest Mikhail Vinogradov (1809-1888)


VINOGRADOV, Archpriest Mikhail Aleksandrovich (b. 1809, the village Zaborovskiye Gai, Riazan district; d. 30 January [11 February] 1888, Riazan) — upon completing the Riazan Theological Seminary, was appointed precentor of the choir of the Riazan Archbishop, which he conducted for 44 years. All of Vinogradov’s 37 known sacred musical works are characterized by simple voice leading, a colorful harmony and, at the same time, an absence of extraneous musical effects. Some of them, e.g., “Milost' mira” [“A Mercy of Peace”], became fixtures in the repertoire of Russian church choirs in the 19th and 20th c.

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Milost mira

Priest Mikhail Vinogradov


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