Frequently Asked Questions

Choral Programming

I don’t have any low basses in my choir. Can I still sing any of the Russian music you publish?

A number of Russian composers have written works that do not require extremely low bass voices. We have grouped many of them in a special category on the Sheet Music Home Page.

Choral Programming

Do you offer on-site consulting services and choir coaching?

Absolutely! We have had a number of hands-on coaching interactions with various conductors, choral societies, and academic institutions. Our president, Dr. Vladimir Morosan, is available as an on-site consultant and coach for performance practice and diction. Please email us or call us at (800) 326-3132 to discuss your special programming needs.

Choral Programming

How can I obtain program notes and text translations for a work such as Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil or another major Russian choral work?

Program notes and text translations are available for many of the major works we publish. Please email or call our office (800) 326-3132.

Choral Programming

Can you recommend some pieces for a special-themed program our choir is doing?

Using our familiarity with the great variety of Russian choral repertoire, both sacred and secular, we can help you compile an entire program or a program set based on a particular theme. In addition, you can search for pieces featuring specific themes using the "Theme" section of Quick Search. For special consultations regarding your program needs, please contact our office via email or by calling (800)-326-3132.

Mechanical License

How do I obtain a mechanical license for a Musica Russica publication we have recorded?

Mechanical licensing is the licensing of copyrighted musical compositions for use on CDs, records, tapes, and various digital configurations. If you plan on recording one of Musica Russica’s publications, please download a mechanical license form here and follow the instructions on the form. Please contact us by email or at (800)-326-3132 if you need assistance.

Products – Sheet Music and Diction Guides

How do I order a custom diction guide to assist with pronunciation?

Musica Russica provides audio diction coaching guides for every title we publish. For more information, please visit our Audio Diction Guide page. An text-specific audio diction guide for most of our titles can also be downloaded from the sheet music detail page.

Products – Sheet Music and Diction Guides

Does your sheet music include English text?

Most of our catalog focuses on authentic, user-friendly editions, which feature the original text presented in phonetic transliteration and Cyrillic. All such editions contain an English translation in parallel columns with the original text, but not underlaid in the music.

A portion of our catalog consists of compositions and adaptations in English.

A small number of titles feature both the original text and an English text suitable for singing.

Products – Sheet Music and Diction Guides

Why doesn’t Musica Russica utilize the IPA phonetic system?

Our Russica™ Transliteration System is designed with the average choral singer in mind. For this reason, we have made an effort to minimize the number of arcane symbols that are not contained in the regular Roman alphabet. The explanation of the Russica™ Transliteration System cross-references the IPA for conductors and singers who are familiar with it.

CDs, MP3s, and DVDs

Will an MP3 disc play in my CD player?

Your CD player must support MP3 format. Most newer CD players do support MP3 format, and the disc will play just like any other CD. If it doesn’t support it, then the disc can still be played on a computer and tracks can be loaded into a player.

CDs, MP3s, and DVDs

2. Does Musica Russica have a printed CD catalog?

Musica Russica typically publishes a printed CD catalog in the winter and in the spring of each year. However, many of the CD’s that are sourced internationally are not consistently available. Hence, the most reliable and up to date listing of available CDs is the one that appears directly on our website.

CDs, MP3s, and DVDs

Why are some CDs not rated?

We do not rate CDs that lie outside our area of expertise, and we do not rate CDs recorded by our friends and colleagues. Please see our CD Home Page to read more about our rating system.

Orders, Returns and Shipping

Does Musica Russica offer bookstore discounts?

We are pleased to offer various discounting plans to bookstores. Please call us at (800) 326-3132 or send us an email with your request.

Orders, Returns and Shipping

How do I return an item?

Please see our returns policy here.

Orders, Returns and Shipping

Your website shows that the item I want is out of stock. When will it be available?

Items from our domestic suppliers are usually available to be in stock within two weeks. Delivery times from our international suppliers will take longer. If you have additional questions regarding product availability, please call customer service at (800) 326-3132.

Orders, Returns and Shipping

Whom do I contact if I have a question or concern about one of your products?

We are pleased to help resolve any questions. Please call customer service at (800) 326-3132 or send us an email.

Orders, Returns and Shipping

How are Musica Russica items shipped? How soon will my order be shipped?

Please see our shipping policy here.