Baldassare Galuppi (1706-1785)

GALUPPI, Baldassare (b. 18 October 1706, the Island of Buranello, near Venice; d. 3 January 1785, Venice) — Italian composer, student of A. Lotti; worked as an opera composer in Venice and London; from 1762 until the end of his life (with the exception of a three-year break), served as maestro di cappella at the Cathedral of St. Mark and the director of the Incurabili Conservatory in Venice. In 1765-68 served as Court kapellmeister in St. Petersburg; conducted stage works and concerts at the Court and also composed Orthodox church music; was the teacher of Bortniansky. Of Galuppi’s sacred works composed for the Orthodox liturgy, seven were published by P. Jurgenson and other publishers. All of them — three sacred concertos on texts from the Psalms, and compositions on various other liturgical texts—are written in an identical style —in places homophonic, and in places imitative — which was characteristic for Roman Catholic church music of that period.
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Baldassare Galuppi


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