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Christ is Risen - Divna

Various Composers and Chants

Divna Ljubojevic & Melodi
D. Ljubojevic
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On this CD, the ever-popular Serbian chantress Divna Ljubojevic sings a variety of chant and choral settings, the majority of which appear here for the first time. The chant settings--Byzantine and Serbian--sound authentic and convincing (most are backed by live voices, although an ison machine is used on a few tracks), executed with great vocal grace and skill. The choral settings have an element of mannerism, that may be more appropriate for the concert stage than the church. The attractive booklet contains titles in Russian and English, and texts in Russian. This CD is must for all fans of Divna!



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Various Composers and Chants Paschal Stichera 03:35
2 Various Composers and Chants Paschal Canon - Anastaseos Imera 01:28
3 Various Composers and Chants In Flesh Thou Didst Fall Asleep 01:01
4 Various Composers and Chants Stases - Serbian Chant 03:56
5 Various Composers and Chants Hristos Anesti (Christ Is Risen) 02:05
6 Various Composers and Chants Who Is A Great God But Ours? 02:11
7 Various Composers and Chants, P. Come, Let Us Please Joseph 03:25
8 Various Composers and Chants Angelic Council 05:01
9 Various Composers and Chants Having Beheld The Resurrection Of Christ 01:35
10 Various Composers and Chants All Ye Who Have Been Baptized Into Christ 03:06
11 Various Composers and Chants Today The Salvation - Rejoice 01:51
12 Various Composers and Chants, D. Cherubic Hymn 03:07
13 Various Composers and Chants, D. The Angel Cried 01:43
14 Various Composers and Chants, St. N. People Rejoice 02:28
15 Various Composers and Chants Christ Is Risen 00:43

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