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Chants of the Russian Emigres; v.11

Various Chants and Composers

Nizhny Novgorod Municipal Chamber Choir
Ivan Stolnikov
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The present album is the eleventh volume in the remarkable series Chants of the Russian Emigres, produced by Archpriest Peter Perekrestov of the Russian Orthodox Holy Virgin Cathedral “Joy of All Who Sorrow” in San Francisco. With indefatigable energy, Father Perekrestov continues to seek out fine choirs in the vast land of Russia and engages them to record the sacred choral works of composers who were forced out of their homeland by the turbulent events—revolutions, wars, and religious persecution—that ravaged Russia in the 20th century.
            Like its predecessors, this album features a lineup of hymns (mostly taken from the services of Paschal Matins and Liturgy) that have seldom, if ever, been heard before. Several tracks—like Boris Ledkovsky’s exuberant “Christ is risen,” which imitates the joyous pealing of Paschal bells, Nicolai Kedrov Sr.’s “Grand” Mercy of Peace, Evgeny Evetz’s “As Many as Have Been Baptized,” and Johann von Gardner’s Paschal Antiphons—are world premiere recordings. Other composers featured for the first time in this series are Archpriest Victor Ilyenko, Vladimir Dreving, and Sergei Ryabchenko. Also a newcomer to the series is the Nizhni Novgorod Municipal Chamber Choir, under the direction of Ivan Stolnikov.
            The album format includes a number of clergy exclamations and other liturgical details, which make the listening experience approach what one would hear at an actual Paschal service—the “Feast of Feasts.” Along with the fresh and new repertoire it makes this disc a worthwhile addition to every Orthodox church music lover’s collection.
(The previous volumes in the Chants of the Russian Emigres series—currently out of print—are available as licensed downloads on Musica Russica’s website.)—V. M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Johann Von Gardner Thy Resurrection 2:25
2 Archpriest Victor Ilyenko Christ is Risen; beginning of matins 4:56
3 Boris Ledkovsky Great Litany 3:11
4 Mikhail Konstantinov, arr. Paschal Canon Ode 1 0:48
5 Sergei Riabtchenko Little litany and hypakoe 3:09
6 Mikhail Konstantinov, arr. Paschal Canon Odes 4 & 6 0:57
7 V. Dreving, arr Little Litany and kontakion 2:36
8 Boris Ledkovsky Having beheld Thy Resurrection 1:45
9 Mikhail Konstantinov, arr. Paschal Canon Ode 9 0:51
10 Archbishop Gabriel Exapostilarion 1:20
11 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. Exapostilarion 1:29
12 Boris Ledkovsky Exapostilarion 1:50
13 Boris Ledkovsky Praises 1:21
14 Boris Ledkovsky Paschal Stichera 5:37
15 Johann von Gardner, arr. First Antiphon 1:08
16 Johann von Gardner, arr. Little Litany and Second Antiphon 2:03
17 Boris Ledkovsky Only begotton Son 1:01
18 Common Chant Third Antiphon 1:26
19 Evgeny Evetz As many as have been baptized 2:37
20 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. Paschal prokeimenon 1:29
21 Johann von Gardner, arr. Alleluia 1:23
22 Boris Ledkovsky Litany of fervent supplication 2:42
23 Boris Ledkovsky Cherubic hymn 7:11
24 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. A mercy of peace 5:25
25 Maxime Kovalevsky Litany before the Lord's Prayer 3:19
26 Maxime Kovalevsky Lord's Prayer 3:04
27 Johann Von Gardner Communion Hymn 1:25
28 V. Dreving, arr Troparion to St. John Chrysostom 1:21
29 Archpriest Victor Ilyenko Christ is risen 0:35
30 Boris Ledkovsky Liturgy ending and Christ is Risen 5:29