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Various Composers and Chants

Great and Holy Pascha: The Resurrection of Christ

Vladimir Morosan
Feast Day
English, Spanish, Greek , Church Slavonic
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I-070_thumb Resurrection! Chants and Hymns of Holy Pascha


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To see the Table of Contents "Look Inside"     Download the "Christ is risen" for the endings of the Kanon Odes, in G and in D major.

“… a masterful collection of Orthodox musical tradition… a deeply meaningful and powerful contribution toward Orthodox music worshipped in English.”  
—Dr. Jessica Suchy-Pilalis

Over ten years in the making, this 450-page anthology of sheet music from Holy Saturday through Paschal Vespers consists of 82 titles of music from multiple chant traditions, including Znamenny, Kievan, Common Russian (Obikhod), Galician, Carpatho-Russian, Georgian, and Byzantine chants.  The arrangements range from unison chant to choral options and include 2-part, 3-part, and 4-part versions, making this anthology eminently practical for parish choirs of all sizes and levels of ability.  Text options are provided for “hieratic” (Thou/Thy) and modern-day (You/Your) forms of language.

The anthology contains arrangements and compositions by some of the leading Orthodox composers living and working today, including Nicolas Custer, Vladimir Morosan, Walter Obleschuk, Kurt Sander, Jessica Suchy-Pilalis, and Tikey Zes, among others.

The present anthology is the first major compilation of Paschal music to be published in over 40 years.  It is aimed at musically enriching the Paschal celebrations in English-speaking parishes throughout North America and beyond.


Table of Contents

No. Composer Title View PDF Listen
15 Galician Chant Exaposteilarion of Pascha (2 part)
16 Walter Obleschuk, arr. Exaposteilarion of Pascha (Galician Chant, 4 part)