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Kontakion of the Nativity of Christ and New Orthodox Christmas Carols

Richard Toensing

Cappella Romana
Alexander Lingas
Cappella Romana
CD Price: $16.98


Kontakion-Toensing by ssteffoster@yahoo.com

Posted on December 03, 2012 21:06

I was very disappointed in this recording. I love the new American composers writing Orthodox music, but I find most of this music "not prayerful". In Orthodox music, the words are most important, but they get lost in the singing. Have many Cappella Romana recordings, but would not recommend this one. One Star.

When a modern-day American composer converts to the Orthodox faith and writes a major choral work using the text and traditional chant motives of the Kontakion for the Nativity of Christ, the resulting music is, well... "Orthodox." Richard Toensing's Kontakion (St Romanos's complete text, not just the initial verse heard in churches today) may surprise and challenge the average listener at first, but the transcendent character of the music and Cappella Romana's powerful performance will smite those whose ears are open to new, 21st-century creations of sacred music inspired by the Orthodox ethos. As a lighter counterpart to the intensity of the Kontakion, the disc also contains twelve "new Orthodox carols," written on metered paraphrases of liturgical hymns from various services for the feast of the Nativity. As always, Cappella Romana's recording quality, scholarly and artistic presentation, and booklet are first-rate. The printed texts allow the listener to follow along and be inspired by the poetry.--V. M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Richard Toensing Kontakion the Virgin Gives Birth Today 01:16
2 Richard Toensing Stanza 1 02:32
3 Richard Toensing Stanza 2 03:15
4 Richard Toensing Stanza 3 03:38
5 Richard Toensing Stanza 4 01:56
6 Richard Toensing Stanza 6 01:56
7 Richard Toensing Stanza 7 02:42
8 Richard Toensing Stanza 8 04:20
9 Richard Toensing Stanza 9 03:27
10 Richard Toensing Stanza 10 02:53
11 Richard Toensing Stanza 11 02:17
12 Richard Toensing Stanza 22 03:07
13 Richard Toensing Stanza 24 05:39
14 Richard Toensing O Nations, Let Us Now Prepare 02:17
15 Richard Toensing Isaiah, As He Watched By Night 01:37
16 Richard Toensing In Olden Days 01:47
17 Richard Toensing What Shall We Call You 02:04
18 Richard Toensing Now Hear, O Bethlehem 02:13
19 Richard Toensing The Virgin, As Was Said of Old 01:13
20 Richard Toensing O Let Creation All Rejoice 01:37
21 Richard Toensing Now Christ Is Born Upon the Earth 01:57
22 Richard Toensing The Rod of Jesse's Root Has Bloomed 02:18
23 Richard Toensing The Shepherds in the Fields 02:11
24 Richard Toensing Once Sorrow Had Silenced Zion's Harps 02:09
25 Richard Toensing Make Glad, You Righteous 02:13

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