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Carol of the Bells; Shchedrik

"Pavana" Women's Choir
Luidmila Bayda
Dotcom Records
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The “Pavana” Women’s Choir, one of the leading chamber choirs in Ukraine offers some of the most exquisite singing by a women’s choir in our entire catalog! The CD contains a colorful selection of the traditional favorites, but even if you order other CDs of Ukrainian carols (H53, H64, H65, H66), you will not want to miss this one simply for its beauty. This CD will certainly grace your celebration of the Nativity Feast!--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Mykola Leontovych Schedrik (Carol of the Bells) CC002wc 01:50
2 Kyrylo Stetsenko A New Joy has Come 02:20
3 Yakiv Yatsynevych And in Kyiv City 01:46
4 O. Koshyts Angels in Heaven 02:52
5 Nyzhankivskiy, O. God is Born 02:19
6 Vlasenko, T. Carol 04:08
7 Nyzhankivskiy, O. Let Us Make Merry 01:34
8 O. Koshyts Tidings of Wonder 03:24
9 Kyrylo Stetsenko News has spread throughout the World 02:50
10 Ukrainian Folk Song Our Savior is Born 02:31
11 Kyrylo Stetsenko Good evening 01:24
12 Mykola Leontovych Virgin Mary 01:50
13 A. Hnatyshyn Rejoice 03:00
14 Kyrylo Stetsenko Sing Today CC005wc 03:11
15 Kyrylo Stetsenko In the Orchard 01:57
16 A. Avdiyevsky The Little Peacock 02:42
17 Yu. Alzhnev New Year's Carol 06:17
18 Ukrainian Folk Song Bright Stars Covered Heaven 04:39
19 Ukrainian Folk Song Three Kings 02:57
20 F. Gruber Silent Night 04:53

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