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The Day of Resurrection: Paschal Hymns

Women's Choir of the Choir Directors School at the Moscow Theological Academy
E. Baikova
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The Choir Directors School at the Moscow Theological Academy has a history going back to 1947. With the rebirth of the Orthodox Church in Russia, the School has developed a full 3-year-long course of study for over 100 students, many of whom are women who will become clergy wives in the future and direct choirs in parishes around the vast territory of Russia. This CD presents a number of Paschal hymns sung artfully and tastefully by the 40-voice women's choir. The choir's execution attests to the high level of musical training and liturgical musicianship that the School's program has finally achieved, after many years of struggle during the difficult years under Communism, and it bodes well for the future leadership of liturgical singing in parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church. The slim booklet is in Russian only, but the bright, clear, tuneful voices speak for themselves, and will be enjoyed greatly by anyone who appreciates the sound of fine women's choir singing. --V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 A. Astaf'yev Christ is risen 01:43
2 Artemy Vedel Paschal Canon, Odes 1, 6, 9 02:55
3 Valaam Chant Hypakoe of Pascha 01:38
4 Pavel Chesnokov Having beheld the Resurrection 03:20
5 P. Krylov In the flesh Thou didst fall asleep 01:58
6 Zosima Hermitage Chant Paschal Stichera "Let God arise" 07:43
7 Alexander Kastalsky Christ is risen Ks156 01:36
8 A. Grebenshchikov Third Antiphon of Pascha 05:01
9 Pavel Makarov The Angel Cried Out V1-57 02:42
10 Kovalevsky; Zhavoronkov Receive the Body of Christ 01:52
11 Giuseppe Sarti Concerto "Rejoice, O people" 02:47
12 Dmitry Bortniansky Concerto No. 34, "Let God arise" Bo109 06:06
13 A. Tretyakov Exaposteilarion for St Thomas Sunday 02:44
14 P. Mironositsky Third Gospel Sticheron 03:21
15 A. Kastorsky Magnification for the Holy Myrrhbearers 02:00
16 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody Exaposteilarion for the Holy Myrrhbearers 02:33
17 A. Grinchenko O Holy Myrrbearers (Sacred Song) 06:17
18 Anton Arensky Christ is risen 01:46

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