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Northern Athos (SEE our CD D201mp3)

Monastic Choir of the Valaam Monastery
Hierodeacon German (Ryabtsev)
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See CD D201mp3 - http://www.musicarussica.com/compact_discs/d201mp3

Another “classic” CD from Valaam, which illustrates the familial closeness between Byzantine and Russian Znamenny and Valaam Chants, especially when the latter are performed with a sustained ison (drone). Listeners will be particularly fascinated to hear traditional Byzantine melodies sung in Church Slavonic (including the now “famous” hymn “O Virgin Pure” composed by St. Nectarios of Aegina), re-creating a process that ocurred some 1000 years ago, when Christianity was first brought to Rus’ from Byzantium and its chants were adapted to Slavonic. IMPORTANT NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: The cover photo of this CD is IDENTICAL to CD D166 (Foi et Amour), but the musical material on these two discs is NOT the same.--V.M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Ringing of church bells / Agni Parthene 07:25
2 Byzantine Chant Lord, I have cried unto Thee… 02:00
3 Byzantine Chant Dogmatic, Tone 1 03:16
4 Byzantine Chant O victorious leader of triumphant hosts 01:21
5 Greek Chant Troparion for the Eve of the Nativity of Christ 01:12
6 Kievan Chant Proceed, Angelic Powers 01:28
7 Znamenny Chant Stanza of the Ninth Hour for the Eve of the Nativity of Christ 04:54
8 Byzantine Chant Great Doxology, Tone 3 05:26
9 St.Elijah Skete, Mount Athos A mercy of peace… 06:01
10 Byzantine Chant It is truly fitting 02:11
11 Byzantine Chant Kontakion of the Great Canon of St.Andrew of Crete 02:22
12 Znamenny Chant Helper and Protector 01:52
13 Znamenny Chant Behold, the Bridegroom comes… 02:25
14 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant Open Thy fatherly embrace… 02:38
15 Znamenny Chant God is with us 04:52
16 Znamenny Chant Stanza for the Litia to Ss Sergius and Herman of Valaam 02:33
17 Znamenny Chant O Heavenly King 02:03
18 Znamenny Chant Let all mortal flesh keep silence 09:30
19 Byzantine Chant Paschal stichera, 'Let God arise' 08:43

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This item is temporarily out of stock.
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