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Chants of Great Lent and Pascha

Choir of SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Minsk
Irina Denisova
St. Elizabeth Monastery, Belarus
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The Choir of the Minsk SS Peter and Paul Cathedral is known to our listeners from their contributions to the "Chants of the Russian Emigres" series (Volumes 1 and 3, our catalog nos. A097 and C97, currently out of print). The choir is not large, but sings with fine balance and ensemble. The choice of repertoire on this CD repertoire is most attractive, focusing on simple arrangements of traditional Lenten and Paschal chants, including a number from various monastic repertories; this imparts a particularly prayerful character to the recording. The 24-page booklet contains an excellent explanation of the services of the Lent, Holy Week and and Holy Pascha (in Russian only). Titles are given in Russian and English.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Priest Andrei Lemeshonok Great Litany 04:06
2 Dmitry Bortniansky Open to Me the Gate of Repentance 05:39
3 Znamenny Chant By the Waters of Babylon 05:59
4 Stichera Sunday of Forgiveness 02:16
5 Canon of St. Andrew of Crete 11:54
6 Andrei Lemeshonok All Holy Theotokos 02:29
7 Valaam Chant O Lord of Hosts, Be With Us 06:29
8 Priest Andrei Lemeshonok Litany 02:57
9 Greek Chant Beatitudes 06:14
10 Greek Chant Let My Prayer Arise 07:10
11 Valaam Chant Now the Powers of Heaven 03:28
12 Valaam Chant Taste and See 01:46
13 Antiphon 15 Great and Holy Friday Matins 02:12
14 Novospassky Chant Irmos 6 I Will Pour Out My Prayer 01:24
15 Kontakion of the Great Canon 02:20
16 Kievan Chant Before Your Cross 03:08
17 Common Russian Chant Thy Resurrection 02:57
18 Common Russian Chant Christ is Risen 00:46
19 I Denisova Thou Didst Fall Asleep 01:29
20 Miliy Balakirev The Angel Cried 01:39
21 Mt. Athos Melody Christ is Risen 02:09
22 A. Astaf'yev Christ is Risen (Greek, Latin, Slavonic ) 01:15

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