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Chants of the Russian Emigres; v.9

Novospassky Monastery Choir, Moscow
Leonid Baklushin
Russky Pastyr
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The fruitfulness of the “Chants of the Russian Emigres” CD series, of which the present disc is Volume 9, demonstrates that, even in the most difficult circumstances, exiled from their homeland, Russian composers were able to focus on creating sacred choral works of great beauty and spiritual depth. Some of the composers on the present CD, such as Ivan (Johann von) Gardner and Ilyashenko, were “ahead of their time”--under-appreciated and under-performed by their exiled contemporaries; very likely these are the first performances of these particular works. Others, such as Ledkovsky and Konstantinov, are more widely performed. In either case, the “Chants” series offers a great service is by enabling these works to be heard here, opening creative vistas for lovers of Orthodox church singing everywhere, both in Russia and outside Russia. The repertoire focuses primarily on what Russian composers of the 20th century excelled at—arranging the standard chants of the Russian Church in splendid polyphonic garments; many of the present works were originally composed for mixed (SATB) chorus, and have been re-arranged here for men’s voices. This CD marks the first contribution to the series by the Novospassky Monastery Choir (comprised of professional singers from around Moscow) and, sadly, the last bow of their conductor, Leonid Baklushin (1965-2011), who reposed shortly after the conclusion of the recording sessions. Notes and rare biographical articles about the composers are in Russian and English. This important and original CD will be enjoyed by lovers of Russian male chorus singing as well as those interested in the history and choral literature of the Russian Orthodox Church.--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Johann Von Gardner Steadfast Protectress of Christians - Kievan Chant
2 Boris Ledkovsky Sticheron to the Kursk Icon – Kievan Chant
3 Johann Von Gardner Having Beheld the Ressurection - Lesser Znamenny Chant
4 Archbishop Gabriel Paschal Ikos
5 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. Lord, I Have Cried Unto Thee, Tone 1 - Kievan Chant
6 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. O Gentle Light - Lesser Kievan Chant
7 Alexander Gretchaninoff Now Lettest Thy Servant Depart in Peace - Kievan Chant
8 Johann Von Gardner Praise Ye the Name of the Lord - Serbian Chant
9 Mikhail Konstantinov Sticheron to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco - Kiev Caves Chant
10 Boris Ledkovsky Irmoi of Epiphany - Znamenny Chant
11 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. Litany of Fervent Supplication
12 Nikolai Tcherepnin Trisagion - Georgian Chant
13 Johann Von Gardner Cherubic Hymn - "Starosimonovskaya"
14 Andrei Ilyashenko A Mercy of Peace - Znamenny Chant
15 Boris Ledkovsky It is Truly Meet - "Maloe Zhukovskoe" Greek Chant
16 Maxime Kovalevsky Communion Verse "Thou has wrought salvation" - Greek Chant
17 Andrei Ilyashenko O House of Ephratha - Valaam Chant
18 Boris Ledkovsky Many Years
19 Evgeny Evetz Antiphon 10 Matins of Holy Friday - Znamenny Chant
20 Evgeny Evetz The Wise Thief (No.3)
21 Boris Ledkovsky Gospel Stichera, Nativity of Christ - Znamenny Chant
22 Boris Ledkovsky We Have No Other Help

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