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Chants of the Russian Emigres; v.6

The Minsk Theological College Choir
Olga Yanum
Russkiy Pastyr
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This beautiful CD features sacred choral works composed by Russian composers in the emigration, performed and recorded in their homeland, many of them for the very first time. The current CD features the choir of the Minsk Theological College, directed by Olga Yanum, who received high marks for her conducting on the second CD in the series. The singing on this CD is every bit as exquisite! To the prolific composers already represented on earlier CDs—Gardner, Kedroff, Konstantinov, Kovalevsky, Ledkovsky—are added works by previously unheard composers—Ivan Liamine, Mikhail Ossorguine, and the first woman composer to be featured in the series, Helen Benigsen. These well-produced, well-researched, limited-edition CDs become collectors’ items as soon are they are released. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquaint yourself further with the rich heritage of sacred music produced by indefatigable and faithful Russian emigres in the most adverse circumstances. As in all previous CDs in the series, notes and titles are given in Russian and English.--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. O Gentle Light 2:17
2 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. O Theotokos Virgin, Rejoice 2:44
3 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. Magnificat 6:03
4 Andrei Ilyashenko Sticheron At The Praises, Tone 7 1:03
5 M. Ossorguine To Thee The Champion Leader 1:54
6 Ivan Liamine First Antiphon (Psalm 102) 3:16
7 Maxime Kovalevsky Only-Begotten Son 2
8 Helen Benigsen The Beatitudes 2:32
9 Helen Benigsen Trisagion 1:55
10 Andrei Ilyashenko Cherubic Hymn 4:09
11 Mikhail Konstantinov A Mercy Of Peace 4:52
12 Maxime Kovalevsky Communion Verse "Thou Makest Thine Angels Spirits" 2:44
13 Johann Von Gardner Sticheron On Cheesefare Sunday "Adam Was Cast Out," Tone 6 2:48
14 Johann Von Gardner Let My Prayer Arise 5:26
15 Mikhail Konstantinov Festal Hymn To The Theotokos For Lazarus Saturday 0:59
16 Maxime Kovalevsky Behold, The Bridegroom Comes At Midnight 3:17
17 Maxime Kovalevsky Thy Bridal Chamber 5:32
18 Ivan Kolchin The Wise Thief 1:50
19 Johann Von Gardner Communion Verse "Blessed Are They Whom Thou Hast Chosen" 3:15
20 Boris Ledkovsky Give Rest, O Our Saviour 2:50
21 Boris Ledkovsky Come, Brethren, Let Us Give The Last Kiss 2:27
22 Ivan Liamine Trisagion (For Male Choir) 2:31
23 Mikhail Konstantinov Sticheron For Pentecost 1:40
24 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. Magnification To The Theotokos 1:30
25 Boris Ledkovsky Dormition Irmoi (Odes 1, 3, 6 & 9) 3:09
26 Johann Von Gardner Exapostilarion Of Thomas Sunday 1:27
27 Johann Von Gardner Having Beheld The Resurrection 1:02

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