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Sacred Works by Pavel Chesnokov

Pavel Chesnokov

The "Domestik" Municipal Choir of Yekaterinburg
Valery Kopanev
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The choral works of Pavel Chesnokov, Russia's most prolific composer of sacred music, appear on recordings rather frequently. This CD is one of the first to do full justice to this marvelously sonorous and opulent choral music. The sound of the "Domestik" Choir is rich and full, yet smooth and velvety. The nuances are subtle and graceful: one has the feeling that master-conductor Chesnokov would have approved of this interpretation of his music! The recording technique strikes just the right balance between clarity of sound and capturing the rich acoustics of the church where the recording was made. The notes and titles, in Russian and English, are informative and accurately translated; no text translations are given, however. This is a disc that all lovers of fine choral singing will not want to miss!--V.M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Pavel Chesnokov Bless the Lord, O my soul (Vespers) Cn258 2:24
2 Pavel Chesnokov Blessed is the Man Cn259 4:49
3 Pavel Chesnokov Radiant Light Cn260 3:33
4 Pavel Chesnokov Lord, now lettest Thou Cn261 4:51
5 Pavel Chesnokov Praise the Name of the Lord Cn262 3:40
6 Pavel Chesnokov Blessed art Thou, O Lord... The angelic council Cn263 5:09
7 Pavel Chesnokov From my youth Cn264 5:54
8 Pavel Chesnokov Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ Cn265 5:01
9 Pavel Chesnokov Great Doxology Cn266 9:25
10 Pavel Chesnokov To Thee, the victorious Leader Cn267 2:03
11 Pavel Chesnokov The Eternal council 3
12 Pavel Chesnokov The Angel cried out Cn162 3:10
13 Pavel Chesnokov My soul magnifies the Lord Cn223 4:01
14 Pavel Chesnokov Let my prayer arise Cn168 6:43
15 Pavel Chesnokov My soul, my soul 1:28
16 Pavel Chesnokov Open to me the doors 1:44
17 Pavel Chesnokov Come, let us bless the ever-memorable Joseph 3:40

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MP3 Price: $9.99

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