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Pavel Chesnokov: Panikhida 2

Pavel Chesnokov

"Domestik" Municipal Choir Choir of Ekaterinburg
Valery Kopanev
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Once in a while a recording comes along in which all the elements blend together in perfect harmony: the composer provides an inspired musical setting for the liturgical text, the singing of the choir is tuneful and imbued with reverence, the exclamations of the clergy are perfectly pitched and tastefully executed. The result can be termed truly "liturgical"--for the liturgy is all about diverse groups of people working in a spirit of perfect harmony to produce transcendent beauty, reflective of the harmony and beauty of the Heavenly Kingdom.  Exactly such a result is achieved on this recording of Chesnokov's Panihida by the "Domestik" Choir of Ekaterinburg, whose work is dedicated to the memory of Czar Nicholas II and the Royal Family, martyred in that city. Certainly this recording stands as a fitting memorial.  Titles and notes are in Russian and English.--V. M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Pavel Chesnokov Great Litany 6:10
2 Pavel Chesnokov Alleluia 2:50
3 Pavel Chesnokov Blessed art Thou, O Lord... The choir of saints Cn214 6:07
4 Pavel Chesnokov Little Litany Cn215 2:51
5 Pavel Chesnokov Give rest with the just, O our Savior 1:34
6 Pavel Chesnokov Refrains. Give Rest, O Lord 1:38
7 Pavel Chesnokov Kanon--Ode 3 0:36
8 Pavel Chesnokov Little Litany 2:38
9 Pavel Chesnokov Give rest, O Lord 1:42
10 Pavel Chesnokov Kanon--Ode 6 Cn217 0:50
11 Pavel Chesnokov Little Litany 2:40
12 Pavel Chesnokov With the Saints give rest Cn218-19 2:06
13 Pavel Chesnokov Ikos "Thou only art immortal". Refrains 3:20
14 Pavel Chesnokov Kanon Ode 9 1:22
15 Pavel Chesnokov The Lord's Prayer 1:08
16 Pavel Chesnokov With the spirits of the righteous 3:45
17 Pavel Chesnokov Augmented Litany. Dismissal 5:37
18 Pavel Chesnokov Memory eternal Cn222 2:48

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