Fyodor Stepanov (1870-?)

STEPANOV, Fyodor (1870-?) Born in St. Petersburg on 23rd August 1866, Stepanov was a pupil of Theodor Waterstraat at the conservatory there. In 1892 he was the first Russian flautist to gain an appointment in the Imperial Theatre Orchestra after having gained some experience in the orchestra of the Russian Musical Society. He taught at the Pavlovsk Military School and later became the first Russian professor to teach the Boehm system flute at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. In 1900 and 1906 he made early gramophone recordings. In 1907 he left the theatre orchestra through illness but continued to teach. He died in St. Petersburg on 4th July 1914
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Fyodor Stepanov




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Fyodor Stepanov

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Fyodor Stepanov

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