Reinhold Gliere 1875-1959


GLIERE, Reinhold (Kiev, 11 January 1875 [O.S. 30 December 1874] – Moscow, 23 June 1956) was a Russian composer of German-Polish ancestry (despite the French spelling of his name). After beginning his musical studies in Kiev, he attended the Moscow Conservatory, where he was a student of Sergei Taneyev, Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, and Anton Arensky, among others. Upon graduating in 1900, he took a teaching position at the Gnessin Musical Institute in Moscow, where he was the teacher of Sergei Prokofiev and Nikolai Myaskovsky. In 1913, he moved to Kiev, where shortly afterwards he was appointed head of the newly-formed Kiev Conservatory. Moving back to Moscow in 1920, he taught (intermittently) at the Moscow Conservatory until 1941.

Known mostly as a composer of large, monumental works in various instrumental idioms, as well as five operas, GliŠŸre also crafted several small-scale choral works both for chorus a cappella and with accompaniment. These works show him to be a master of contrapuntal writing in the late-Romantic idiom. 

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Reinhold Gliere




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