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Let My Prayer Arise

Various Composers

Konevets Quartet
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Since its founding in 1992, the Konevets Quartet has been a perennial favorite with lovers of Russian men’s chorus singing. With these two recent releases (D199 and D200, released in 2010 and 2012, respectively) they return to the Musica Russica catalog. Perhaps more than in previous albums, the suave-voiced ensemble demonstrate a broad range of repertoire—from ancient Serbian, Bulgarian, and Znamenny Chants to compositions by latter-day composers—and their ability to interpret a variety of styles, from unison chant to Georgian polyphony. Whether you have been a long-term fan of the Konevets 4, or are hearing of them for the first time, you will want to add these tracks to your collection! Technically and musically, D199 edges out D200 because the singing is more in tune, the ensemble is tighter, and because the acoustics in which D199 was recorded are more favorable to the overall sound of the group. There is a 7-track overlap in the contents of the two discs, so if one were to buy only one of the two, D199 would be the recommended choice. There is sufficient variety, however, that fans of the Konevets Quartet will want to own both sets of tracks.(The download includes the accompanying booklets, which contain titles and some information about the group in both Russian and English).—V. M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Ancient Chant Hymn To The Holy Spirit 2:45
2 Greek Chant Let My Prayer Arise 4:12
3 Nikolai Kedroff Sr. Our Father (The Lord's Prayer) Ke001mc 1:47
4 Stepan Degtiaryov Troparion Of The Nativity Of The Lord 1:08
5 Serbian Chant I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord For Ever 3:30
6 Georgian Chant Holy God 3:01
7 Mikhail Burmagin The Good Thief 2:32
8 Grigory Lvovsky No One Who Hath Recourse To Thee, O All-Pure Virgin Theotokos 1:49
9 Count Aleksandr Sheremetev Now The Powers Of Heaven Sr001mc 3:09
10 Bulgarian Chant Arise, O God 2:35
11 Anton Arensky We Hymn Thee 1:31
12 Taneyev, Alexander The Wise Thief 1:37
13 Pavel Chesnokov Why Hast Thou Cast Me Away From Thy Face 3:17
14 Pavel Chesnokov Revealing To Thee The Pre-Eternal Counsel 3:13
15 Peter Tchaikovsky Our Father (The Lord's Prayer) 1:47
16 Nikolai Kedroff Jr. My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord 3:29
17 Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov Glory To God In The Highest 8:25
18 Russian "Greek" Chant It Is Truly Meet 2:07

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MP3 Price: $9.99