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Hymns of the Russian Orthodox Church (2 CD set)

Choir of the Church of "Joy of All Sorrowful" Icon - Moscow
Nikolai Matveyev
Moscow Patriarchate
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This 2-cd set contains the landmark 3-LP set that was first released by the Moscow Patriarchate in 1968. For countless Russian refugees scattered abroad by the winds of war and revolution, this was the first audible glimpse of Orthodox liturgical singing from their homeland behind the "Iron Curtain." Nikolai Matveyev (1909-1992) was a rare "survivor" -- an Orthodox church choir director who directed the choir at the Moscow church "Joy of All the Sorrowful" (na "Ordynke") from 1948 until the end of his days. During this remarkable career, his choir, which was permitted to hire top choral singers in Moscow, made a number of LP recordings. Some, especially those made in the late 1960s, were sold widely in "Beryozka" currency shops and abroad, ostensibly to demonstrate that Orthodox church singing was "alive and well" in the land of the Soviets. Be that as it may, these recordings opened the eyes of many listeners (including this reviewer) to the riches of Russian sacred literature, especially those of the "new Russian choral school"--Kastalsky, Chesnokov, Gretchaninoff, Kalinnikov and Rachmaninoff, among others. Now, after a number of years of unavailability, they are once again available in re-mastered CDs and accompanied by beautiful collector-edition booklets to another generation of listeners. Evidently, hunger for these recordings is strong in Russia as well, because these re-issues are available to us in very limited quantities. No serious collection of Russian choral music can be without them, however.--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
101 Alexander Kastalsky Bless the Lord 03:11
102 Alexander Kastalsky Blessed is the man 02:34
103 Pavel Chesnokov Gladsome Light 02:05
104 Pavel Chesnokov St. Simeon's Prayer 03:00
105 Pavel Chesnokov Praise Ye The Name Of The Lord Cn059 03:44
106 Monastic Melody My soul doth magnify the Lord 02:12
107 Alexander Kastalsky Great Doxology Ks123 09:00
108 Pavel Chesnokov Bless The Lord, O My Soul 03:18
109 Alexander Gretchaninoff Only Begotten Son Gr026 02:57
110 Common Russian Chant Beatitudes 02:52
111 Victor Kalinnikov Cherubic Hymn Ka001 05:13
112 Alexander Kastalsky We Hymn Thee Ks013 03:12
113 Dmitry Yaichkov It is truly meet V1-77 03:14
114 Pavel Chesnokov O Mother of God Cn272 03:13
115 Common Russian Chant Many Years 01:51
201 Alexander Kastalsky Troparion for the Nativity of Christ Ks007 01:24
202 Alexander Kastalsky Kontakion for the Nativity of Christ Ks008 01:31
203 Alexander Gretchaninoff Beneath the waves of sea Gr018 03:46
204 Archpriest Dmitry Allemanov Nativity canon V1-63 07:36
205 Priest Vasily Zinoviev God is with us 05:07
206 Dmitry Bortniansky Glory to God in the highest Bo084 05:53
207 Artemy Vedel Open to the gates of repentance V1-47 07:36
208 Dmitry Bortniansky My Helper and Protector 02:05
209 Savrovsky, A. O, my soul 02:06
210 Pavel Chesnokov Let my prayer arise Cn168 04:25
211 Grigory Lvovsky Now the powers of heaven 03:58
212 Common Russian Chant Behold, the bridegroom comes An001 02:29
213 Pavel Chesnokov The wise thief 02:16
214 Archpriest Pyotr Turchaninov Arise, O God V1-48 05:01
215 Archpriest Pyotr Turchaninov Let all mortal flesh 03:47
216 Dmitry Bortniansky Come, let us bless Joseph 03:52
217 Common Russian Chant Thy Resurrection 00:49
218 A. Astaf'yev Christ is risen 01:17
219 Alexander Nikolsky Paschal Canon 01:52
220 Pavel Chesnokov The angel cried Cn162 02:44
221 Pavel Chesnokov Before the dawn 02:00
222 Stepan Smolensky Paschal Stichera "Let God Arise" V1-75 04:40

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