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Holy Russia: Hymns of Great Lent and Pascha (2 CDs)

Church Choir of "Joy of All the Sorrowful"
Nikolai Matveyev
Moscow Patriarchate
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This 2-CD set is another welcome re-release of a classic LP set by the "Joy of All the Sorrowful" Choir, originally recorded and released in 1987. This is perhaps the finest, smoothest, and well-blended recording made by N. V. Matveyev's choir. Included on Disc 2 (Track 2) is a totally unique world-premiere recording of A. Kastalsky's Paschal Verses (the so-called "Paschal beginning"), recorded from a lost edition of Kastalsky's Paschal works, announced in 1917 but never published. Also included are rare recordings of Kastalsky's "Thy Bridal Chamber" and Chesnokov's "Arise, O God." In total, this recording stands as one of the finest monuments to the Russian "cathedral" choral tradition, as it managed to survive during the Soviet era. The booklet has informative notes and texts in English and Russian.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
101 Artemy Vedel By the Waters of Babylon V1-40 12:27
102 Great Prokeimenon 02:13
103 Alexander Arkhangelsky O Lord of Hosts 06:58
104 Shorin, M. Stikera Palm Sunday 04:52
105 Alexander Kastalsky Thy Bridal Chamber 07:06
106 Aleksei Lvov Of Thy Mystical Supper 04:08
107 V. Dikin Judgment of Pilate 03:39
108 Archpriest Pyotr Turchaninov He Who Clothes Himself With Light 07:09
109 Archpriest Pyotr Turchaninov Do Not Lament Me 01:51
201 A. Astaf'yev Christ is Risen 01:22
202 Alexander Kastalsky Paschal Verses 03:11
203 Artemy Vedel Paschal Canon 05:49
204 Peter Tchaikovsky The Angel Cried Ta043 02:52
205 S. Krylov In the Flesh Didst Thou Asleep 02:11
206 Pavel Chesnokov Arise O God 05:29
207 Pavel Chesnokov Paschal Hours 11:20
208 Dmitry Bortniansky Let God Arise Bo109 06:25
209 Rechkunov, P. This is the Day 01:36

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