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Pavel Chesnokov

Memorial Service (Requiem) op. 39


Op. 39
Vladimir Morosan
Church Slavonic
Musica Russica
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A52b_thumb Pavel Chesnokov: Panikhida 2


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A luminous composed setting of the Russian Orthodox Requiem (Panihida), this work was likely intended to be performed in church, but also succeeds well in a concert setting.


Table of Contents

No. Composer Title View PDF Listen
The Text of the Panihida(transliteration and translation)
1 Pavel Chesnokov The Great Litany
2 Pavel Chesnokov Alleluia
3 Pavel Chesnokov Troparia "Blessed Art Thou, O Lord" Pdf_small
4 Pavel Chesnokov The Little Litany
5 Pavel Chesnokov Heirmos of the 3rd Ode
6 Pavel Chesnokov Heirmos of the 6th Ode
7/8 Pavel Chesnokov With the Saints Give Rest: Ode 9 Pdf_small
9 Pavel Chesnokov Troparia "With the Spirits of the Righteous"
10 Pavel Chesnokov The Augmented Litany
11 Pavel Chesnokov Memory Eternal Pdf_small