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Sacred Songs of Russia

Gloriae Dei Cantores
Elizabeth Patterson
Paraclete Press
CD Price: $18.98


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This recording demonstrates the level of excellence that can be achieved by a non-Russian choir in performing Russian sacred choral music. In preparation for this project, Glori Dei Cantores, a professional-level choir formed by members of the Community of Jesus in Orleans, Mass., sought out expert repertoire consultants, invited native Russian conductors to rehearse them and coach them on the language, and brought in a Russian conservatory-trained choral conductor to produce the recording. The results manifest themselves in a recording that presents beautiful renditions of a wide variety of works drawn from the best styles and traditions, from unison chant to the works of a living Russian composer, Georgi Sviridov. The expertly written notes are accurate and informative, and the texts are given in phonetics and English translation.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Alexander Kastalsky Christ is risen Ks156mx 01:30
2 Pavel Chesnokov Bless the Lord, O my soul (Vespers) Cn182 02:58
3 Sergei Rachmaninoff Rejoice, O Virgin (from All-Night Vigil, op. 37) Ra028 02:38
4-6 Georgy Sviridov Three choruses from A. K. Tolstoy's drama 'Czar Feodor Ioannovich' (Rejoice, O Virgin; Sacred love, Verse of repentance) CMR001 09:11
7 Znamenny Chant Lord, I call; Sticheron dogmatikon 'The King of Heaven' 05:56
8 Vasily Titov O Virgin unwedded V1-35 03:05
9 Dmitry Bortniansky Glory to God in the highest... Today Bethlehem (Concerto No. 6) Bo081 04:25
10 Mikhail Glinka Cherubic Hymn V1-56 05:45
11 Peter Tchaikovsky A mercy of peace 03:56
12 Peter Tchaikovsky The Angel cried out 02:48
13 Peter Tchaikovsky Hymn in honor of SS. Cyril and Methodius Ta045 02:54
14 Stepan Smolensky All of creation rejoices 03:18
15 Alexander Kastalsky Gladsome Light No. 1 Ks107 02:25
16 Pavel Chesnokov Praise the name of the Lord (znamenny chant) Cn059 02:33
17 Sergei Rachmaninoff The Mother of God, ever-vigilant in prayer Ra001 07:41
18 Alexander Arkhangelsky Litany of Supplication 04:44
19 Nikolai Kedroff Sr. Our Father Ke001 03:40

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