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Rejoice, O Virgin

Various Composers

Choir of Ss. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church
Alice Hughes and Anne Schoepp
Seraphim Six Productions
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This popular CD was recorded live in English, by the 40+ member choir of SS Peter & Paul Orthodox Church in Ben Lomond, California.  This collection of hymns to the Theotokos, or Virgin Mary, provides an excellent variety of styles, including Russian - Znamenny and Kievan, Byzantine, and Georgian chants. 


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Georgian wedding hymn 2:05
2 The joy of Heav'n 1:10
3 By your holy birth 0:35
4 Today is the prelude 0:33
5 Angels marveled 1:29
6 The Lord has chosen Zion 0:33
7 Awed by the beauty 2:22
8 Gabriel came and stood before you 2:29
9 My soul magnifies the Lord 3:05
10 Rejoice, O Virgin 1:56
11 O my soul, magnify Her 1:05
12 We faithful all magnify 0:32
13 Mary the dawn 1:34
14 Virginity is alien to mothers 0:26
15 It is truly fitting 0:59
16 O pure virgin 2:33
17 All of creation rejoices 1:07
18 Beneath Your compassion 1:18
19 You have magnified the Theotokos 0:42
20 You are a mystical paradise 1:05
21 Do not lament me, O Mother 1:27
22 The Angel cried out 1:35
23 What shall I render to the Lord 0:58
24 All generations born on earth 1:01
25 Apostles, assembled here 0:40
26 O most glorious wonder! 2:09
27 Pure virgin lady 5:02
28 To you, our Queen 1:18
29 Rejoice, O Virgin 2:51

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