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Selections from the Divine Liturgy

Various Composers

The Choir of Ss. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church
Anne Schoepp and Alice Hughes
Seraphim Six Productions
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A popular CD is recorded in English,  live at SS. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church in Ben Lomond, California.  The choir, 41-strong, sings many well-known Orthodox hymns of various traditions, including compositions by American composers.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Schoepp, Anne Great litany 4
2 Greek Chant The first antiphon 2:20
3 Greek Chant The second antiphon 2:08
4 Alice Hughes Only begotten Son 1:17
5 P. Mironositsky In Thy Kingdom 2:21
6 Archpriest Dmitry Razumovsky Come let us worship (Liturgy) 0:31
7 Bulgarian Chant Troparion of the Resurrection, T.2 0:51
8 Schoepp, Anne Troparion to SS. Peter and Paul 0:25
9 Fr. John Finley Holy God 4:27
10 Dmitry Bortniansky Cherubic hymn 3:42
11 The creed 2:41
12 Schoepp, Anne The anaphora 2:08
13 Alice Hughes It is truly fitting 1:13
14 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov The Lord's prayer 1:20
15 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Praise the Lord from the Heavens 3:15
16 Serbian Chant Blessed is He 0:51
17 Nikolai Kedroff Sr. Receive the body of Christ 2:01
18 Nikolai Kedroff Sr. We have seen the true light... Let our mouths be filled 1:24
19 Blessed be the name of the Lord 0:26
20 P. Mironositsky O Lord our Lord 2:13

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