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Russian Folk Songs, vol. 2

State Academic Russian Choir
Alexander Sveshnikov
Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery
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The name of Alexander Sveshnikov (1890-1980) is intimately linked with the Russian choral culture of the Soviet era. During the 40+ years he spent as conductor of the USSR State Academic Chorus, founded in 1936, he commanded some of the best choral forces in all of Russia. He also vastly enriched the Russian choral repertoire with dozens of choral folk-song arrangements, not a surprising achievement at a time when arranging and performance of Russian Orthodox sacred music were severely suppressed. The West came to know the "Sveshnikov Chorus" through several LP albums released in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the Angel-Melodiya label. These LPs, which have become collectors' items, are now available in this remarkable gift set, remastered on CDs. Volume 1--a double CD set--and Volume 2 contain the best-known Sveshnikov songs; Volume 3 presents lesser-known recordings from the 1950s. These CDs will be enjoyed both for their "nostalgia quotient" and for their value as an historical monument to a period when choral singing in Russia survived the total fracturing and redefinition of "culture." The attractively designed booklet has titles and information in Russian and English. A must for all serious collectors!--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Alexander Sveshnikov The cold waves crash (Variag) 04:41
2 Rimsky-Korsakov, arr., Nikolai With a wreath I dance FS042 02:31
3 Alexander Sveshnikov Why wander amongst the hills 02:00
4 Alexander Sveshnikov Ah, cold winter 03:39
5 Alexander Sveshnikov From beneath the oak tree 01:57
6 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov The Tatak Captivity 06:20
7 Alexander Sveshnikov A white birch tree bends low 04:15
8 Rumyantsev, V. Roar, Amur-river 05:08
9 Alexander Sveshnikov A green leafy pear-tree 02:31
10 Alexander Sveshnikov Snow and snow all around 06:30
11 Alexander Sveshnikov From beneath a white stone 01:51
12 A. Karamanov Motherland 03:17
13 Dmitry Shostakovich As I, a young girl 01:18
14 Dmitry Shostakovich The winds began to whisper 04:28
15 Alexander Sveshnikov A I ride along a dark street 06:47
16 Alexander Sveshnikov All you biddies, go on home FS024 01:50
17 Ukrainian Folk Song Neighbor 02:30
18 Solovyov-Sedoy, V. Moscow Nights 02:28
19 Sergei Rachmaninoff Italian Polka 01:00
20 Alexander Sveshnikov The little road 03:51
21 Taktakishvili, O. The cranes 02:57
22 Miliy Balakirev An evening song (arr. from "The Prophets proclaimed you") 02:53
23 Sergei Rachmaninoff A quiet melody ("We hymn Thee" from Liturgy, op. 31) Ra014 02:50

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