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The Great Multansk Polyeleos: from the Suprasl' Heirmologion 1596-1601

Sisters of the Novo-Tikhvin Monastery; Yekaterinburg
Mother Judith (Iudif)
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Unless you have attended an All-Night Vigil in a monastery with a highly-developed musical practice, you have never heard a full-length Polyeleos from the Matins portion of the Vigil. This remarkable recording contains ONLY the Polyeleos (Psalms 134 and 135, with their refrains), which lasts 69 minutes! It is magically sung by the highly skilled choir of Sisters from the Novo-Tikhvinsk Monastery in Ekaterinburg, Russia, whose vocal mastery has been developed by a coach from the local conservatory. Excellent notes in Russian and English inform the listener about the origins of this music (this particular chant is originates from the Multansk or Muntenia region of Romania). Whether you are a chant scholar or simply a lover of extraordinarily beautiful sacred singing, you will not want to miss this CD!--V.M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Praise the name of the Lord 18:59
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2 O give thanks unto the Lord 50:11
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