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Kastalsky (1856-1926): Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church

Alexander Kastalsky

The Bolshoi Theatre Children's Choir
Andrey Zaboronok
Collins Classics
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Although Kastalsky composed many settings of the various hymns from the Divine Liturgy, the present recording contains the only complete Liturgy, for treble voices, which he published as a separate opus. In this premier recording of this work, the Boys' Choir of the Bolshoi Theater brings out the delicate subtlety of Kastalsky's choral writing. The boys' tone can be best described as "silvery" (quite different from British or German boys' choirs), which correlates well with the descriptions one reads of the famed Moscow Synodal Choir which premiered this work. The choir also displays a broad range of dynamic effects. The sacred repertoire presented in addition to the Kastalsky is but a tiny fraction of what Russian composers have written and arranged for treble voices.--a rare but welcome glimpse of treasures yet to be discovered.--V.M. 



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Alexander Kastalsky Great Litany and Only Begotten Son Ks126(wc) 5:23
2 Alexander Kastalsky In Thy Kingdom Ks127(wc) 2:46
3 Alexander Kastalsky Holy God 2:36
4 Alexander Kastalsky Augmented Litany 1:52
5 Alexander Kastalsky Cherubic Hymn Ks130(wc) 3:21
6 Alexander Kastalsky Litany of supplication 2:15
7 Alexander Kastalsky A mercy of peace Ks132(wc) 6:29
8 Alexander Kastalsky It is truly fitting Ks133(wc) 2:11
9 Alexander Kastalsky Our Father 1:53
10 Alexander Kastalsky Open to us the doors of your mercy 3:43
11 Alexander Kastalsky Christ is risen Ks156 1:04
12 Anonymous Beautiful Easter 2:58
13 Anonymous Come let us worship Christ's Holy Resurrection 1:46
14 Anonymous Prokeimenon: Arise, O Lord; Sticheron: Jesus has arisen from the tomb 3:17
15 Pavel Chesnokov Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Vespers) Cn037 1:48
16 Pavel Chesnokov Come, let us bless Joseph 3:06
17 Pavel Chesnokov Gladsome Light Cn040 2
18 Pavel Chesnokov Cherubic hymn Cn027 4:15
19 Pavel Chesnokov Praise the Lord from the Heavens Cn033 1:54
20 Znamenny Chant From my Youth 2:57
21 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody Stichera to Russian saints 2:13
22 Valery Sariyev O Lord, Our God (Prayer of St. Makarius) 3:34
23 Valery Sariyev Lord, I have called 2:09
24 Dmitry Bortniansky Many years 1:19

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