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God Is With Us (3 Classic CDs in mp3 format)

Choirs of the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Monastery and Moscow Theological Academy
Archimandrite Matthew (Mormyl)
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This mp3 collection features 3 classic CDs by the Choir of the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Lavra that have been perennial best-sellers: 1) The Pascha of Christ (Russian Easter)--former cat. no. B022; 2) Their Memory Is from Generation to Generation (commemorating the 600-year anniversary of Prince Dmitry Donskoy's victory against the Tatars at the Battle of Kulikovo Pole in 1380), which features Smolensky's setting of the Memorial Service--former cat. no. B060; and 3) Let Us Offer Spiritual Songs to the Mother of God--the Supplicatory Canon (Paraklesis) to the Mother of God, together with the Akathist--former cat. no. B019. Since the availability of those CDs can no longer be assured, this mp3 release offers an excellent opportunity to own those memorable tracks. --V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
101 The Lavra'S Bell, Ringing and Procession 00:41
102 Common Russian Chant The Easter Beginning 05:31
103 Hieromonk Nafanail Bochkalo This is the day of Resurrection 04:27
104 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant Thou didst descend into the tomb 02:31
105 Valaam Monastery Chant The Ikos of Easter 02:30
106 Pavel Makarov The Angel cried out V1-57 02:07
107 Krylov In the flesh Thou didst fall asleep 02:03
108 Zosima Hermitage Chant Let God Arise 05:14
109 Alexander Kastalsky Christ is Risen Ks156 01:56
110 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant Come, O Ye people, let us worship the Godhead in three persons 03:00
111 Alexander Kastalsky Great Litany 03:29
112 Alexander Kastalsky Dogmatik, 7th tone 02:01
113 Anonymous Who is so Great a God? 02:27
114 Znamenny Chant Sticheron for the Dormition of the most holy Mother of God 02:19
115 Alexander Kastalsky Lord, Now lettest Thou 03:09
116 Alexander Kastalsky Praise the name of the Lord Ks118 03:07
117 Kastorsky Magnification for Pentecost 01:51
118 Pavel Chesnokov Blessed art Thou, O Lord... The angelic council 08:36
119 Pavel Chesnokov Having Beheld the Resurrection 02:56
120 Hieromonk Nafanail Bochkalo To Thee, the victorious Leader 01:49
121 Zubachevsky, A Prayer to St Sergius 05:41
122 Put' Chant Exaltation to St. Sergius 01:49
123 Alexander Nikolsky Lord is my Light, The 04:43
124 Novgorod St. Sophic Cathedral Melody Many Years 02:32
201 Valaam Monastery Chant Give Me Not Over to the Mediation of Mortal Man 04:23
202 Znamenny Chant Let Us Praise the Virgin Mary, the Glory of All the World 03:28
203 Valaam Monastery Chant Have Mercy Upon Us, O God 03:53
204 Grigory Lvovsky Heal Thou My Sickness 05:12
205 Hieromonk Nafanail Bochkalo Behold, the All-Pure Cometh 05:50
206 Rozhkov, arr., N. Ascetic of the Virtue ' Hymn to St. Sergius 02:31
207 P. Mironositsky I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto Hills 04:36
208 Traditional Holy God 02:46
209 Znamenny Chant Alleluia 02:59
210 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody O Thou, Who with Wisdom Profound 02:49
211 Kievan Chant Blessed art Thou, O Lord 13:00
212 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody Give Rest with the Just, O Our Saviour 04:37
213 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant Of a Truth, All Things are Vanity 03:31
214 Znamenny Chant Give Rest, O Lord...I Will Pour Out My Petition 02:39
215 Znamenny Chant With the Saints Give Rest...Thou Only art Immortal 04:37
216 Znamenny Chant The Trisagion, O All-Holy Trinity, & Our Father 02:36
217 Znamenny Chant With the Souls of the Righteous 03:32
218 Znamenny Chant The Litany of Fervent Supplication for the Departed 06:10
219 Znamenny Chant Memory Eternal 03:15
220 Grigory Lvovsky Blessed are Those Whom Thou hast Chosen 05:37
221 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody The Land of Russia 03:27
222 Optina Hermitage Chant O Marvellous Wonder 02:31
223 Solovetsk Monastery Melody God is With Us 06:02
301 Pealing of the Lavra bells before the service 00:38
302 Dmitry Bortniansky Let us offer spiritual hymns; With the voice of the Archangel 03:22
303 Znamenny Chant The Eternal council 02:32
304 Znamenny Chant The Quiet Refuge 02:21
305 Popov-Platonov, O Thou Joy of All the Sorrowful 04:07
306 Pealing of the Lavra bells after the service 00:30
307 Znamenny Chant O Heavenly King 03:48
308 Russian "Greek" Chant God is the Lord 03:14
309 Valaam Monastery Chant Let us fervently run to the Theotokos 01:51
310 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant Having Passed Through the Water 05:27
311 Little Litany 02:07
312 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody To Thee, the victorious Leader 02:48
313 Sarov Hermitage Chant Oikos 1, Kontakion 2, Oikos 11, Kontakion 13 07:30
314 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody O Mother worthy of all praise 04:39
315 Deacon Sergiy Trubachov To Thee, the victorious Leader 01:24
316 Znamenny Chant Prokimenon 03:24
317 Gospel Lesson 02:42
318 Deacon Sergiy Trubachov Glory Be... Through the prayers... O Most Pure Mother of my Christ 03:22
319 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant Verily the Mother of God 03:58
320 Staro-Simonov Monastery Melody It is truly fitting 02:45
321 Zosima Hermitage Chant My most gracious Queen 04:03
322 Znamenny Chant We magnify Thee, Most Holy Virgin Theotokos 02:15
323 Kievan Chant Dismissal 02:09
324 Pealing of bells after the service 00:39
325 Deacon Sergiy Trubachov All of Creation Rejoices 04:49
326 Pealing of the bells after a festal service 00:38