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Hymns and Prayers

Georgy Sviridov

"Credo" Chamber Choir (Kyiv)
Bohdan Plish
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Georgy Sviridov (1915-1998) was one of the greatest Russian composers of choral music in the latter half of the 20th century. However, since most of his life was lived under Communism, he did not overtly write sacred music. Most of his sacred works–on a variety of liturgical and non-liturgical texts–only came to light after the fall of Communism. This CD represents the "first-fruits" of the composer's many years of carrying this music within himself–the most complete recording to date of these remarkable works. At times profoundly devotional, at other times, powerfully dramatic, they represent the strivings of a composer whose deep thinking and feeling about spiritual and churchly things found expression in his masterful compositional craftsmanship. The superb and subtle performances by the "Credo" Chamber Choir do these works justice. This CD is a 'must have' for anyone who is interested in the complex musical developments of the Russian choral art under and after the Soviets. It will also be enjoyed by all who love and appreciate beautiful choral singing.--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Georgy Sviridov Lord, save the God-fearing
2 Georgy Sviridov Holy God CMR009-2
3 Georgy Sviridov The earth is the Lord's
4 Georgy Sviridov Song of atonement
5 Georgy Sviridov The King of Glory
6 Georgy Sviridov Nativity hymn CMR009-4
7 Georgy Sviridov A Wondrous Birth Have We Beheld CMR010-7
8 Georgy Sviridov It is truly fitting CMR009-3
9 Georgy Sviridov Come, let us worship CMR010-2
10 Georgy Sviridov Glory to the Holy Trinity
11 Georgy Sviridov Lord, stir up Thy might
12 Georgy Sviridov Prayer to St. John the Theologian
13 Georgy Sviridov The Mystical Supper
14 Georgy Sviridov Judas's betrayal
15 Georgy Sviridov Glory and Alleluia
16 Georgy Sviridov Inexpressible wonder CMR009-6
17 Georgy Sviridov Behold the Bridegroom comes
18 Georgy Sviridov Have mercy on us, O Lord
19 Georgy Sviridov Prayer of the blind man
20 Georgy Sviridov Glory (monastic)
21 Georgy Sviridov The prodigal son's repentance
22 Georgy Sviridov Glory (quiet)
23 Georgy Sviridov Magnification to the Mother of God 'O All-hymned Mother'

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