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Traditions of Byzantine Singing: Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek

Byzantine Chant

Choir of SS Michael and Gabriel Monastery, Serbia; Pavle Aksentievich, chanter; Choir of Sofia Clergy; Choir of Annunciation Women's Monastery, Ormylia, Greece
Trinity St. Sergius Monastery
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This is a treasury of Byzantine chant unprecedented in its range and breadth: 7 CDs representing the Serbian, Bulgarian, and Greek traditions of Byzantine Chant, a total of 7 hours, 38 minutes of music. The Serbian tradition is represented by the albums: 1) I Will Proclaim Thy Name to My Brethren, by the Monastic Choir of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Kovil, Serbia; 2) Psalmody of the 13th-14th Centuries, by Dragoslav Pavle Aksentjevic; and 3) Music of Old Serbia, by Dragoslav Pavle Aksentjevic; the Bulgarian tradition: 4) Bulgarian Hymns, by the Choir of Sofia Clergy, Kirill Popov, cond.; and the Greek tradition: 5) Festal Byzantine Hymns, 6) Vespers for the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene; and 7) Matins (Orthros) for the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, all three by the Annunciation Womens Monastery Choir, Ormilya, Greece. This is a rare opportunity to obtain these recordings, originally made in the 1980s and 1990s. The beautiful booklet is in Russian only; the MP3 disc has a player best suited to run on Windows OS, although Mac users can import all the tracks into iTunes and listen to them in that fashion.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
101 Serbian Chant Lord, I Have Cried 1:46
102 Serbian Chant Let My Prayer Be Set Forth 1:03
103 Serbian Chant Set a watch, O Lord 4:01
104 Serbian Chant Simeon, receive 2:34
105 Serbian Chant By the royal command of God 9:58
106 Serbian Chant Troparion for St. Sava 2
107 Serbian Chant Troparion for St. Sava 3:03
108 Serbian Chant Rejoice, O Virgin 4:16
109 Serbian Chant Glory Through the Prayers of St. Sava 2
110 Serbian Chant The Grace of Holy Spirit 2:52
111 Serbian Chant I Shall Open My Mouth 9:49
112 Serbian Chant O Victorious Leader 11:23
201 Anonymous (13th C.) Alleluia, Tone 8 2:05
202 Anonymous (13th C.) Lift up your gates, O princes 4:02
203 Saint John Koukouzelis For His mercy endures forever 3:41
204 Anonymous (14th C.) Alleluia, Tone 4 1:47
205 Praise the Lord from the Heavens 4:11
206 Kratima (Melismatic Chant), Tone 1 4:03
207 Coronis, Xenons, and Christophoros Domestikos (14th C.) He has subdued many nations, Tone 5 3:17
208 Anonymous (13th C.) The heavens declare the glory of God, Tone 1 3:26
209 Saint John Koukouzelis The kings of the earth have assembled 8:20
210 Andreas Protopsaltis (14th C. ) Let my mouth be filled with Thy praise, Tone 1 2:33
211 Anonymous (14th C.) Kratima (Melismatic chant), Tone 1 1:50
301 Bells of Hilandar Monastery, Mt. Athos 0:55
302 Isaiah of Serbia Come, All You Earth-born 1:10
303 Kyr Stephan of Serbia Taste and See 1:55
304 Kyr Stephan of Serbia Now the Powers of Heaven 5:25
305 Serbian Chant Sticheron for the Entrance of the Theotokos 2:17
306 Serbian Chant Lord, I have cried 3
307 Serbian Chant Canon for St. Sava of Serbia - Ode 3 3:25
308 Isaiah of Serbia Make a Joyful Noise 1:28
309 Isaiah of Serbia Holy God 2:05
310 Isaiah of Serbia Alleluia 0:58
311 Serbian Chant The Litany of Fervent Supplication 3:54
312 Nikola of Serbia Cherubic Hymn 3:35
313 Isaiah of Serbia Before Thy Cross 2:27
314 Serbian Chant Troparia for SS Cyril and Methodius 3:32
315 Kyr Stephan of Serbia Taste and See 2:27
316 Serbian Chant Praise The Lord From The Heavens 1:10
317 Isaiah of Serbia Serbian Polyeleios 15:10
318 Ioakim Harsianitsky Terirem (Melismatic chant), Tone 1 2:22
319 Bells of Hilandar Monastery, Mt. Athos 0:58
401 Bell Ringing 0:24
402 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Great Prokimenon: Turn Not Away Thy Face 3:05
403 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant My Soul, My Soul, Tone 2 3:13
404 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant O Lord of Hosts, Tone 8 2:54
405 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Kanon of the Akathist, Tone 4 2:09
406 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant O Victorious Leader, Tone 8 (melismatic) 10:39
407 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Oikos 1 and Kontakion 13 of the Akathist 5:36
408 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Awed by the Beauty of Your Virginity 2:08
409 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Come, Receive the Light, Tone 5 1:21
410 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Thy Resurrection, O Christ Savior, Tone 6 0:51
411 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Paschal Gospel and Paschal Beginning 6:10
412 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Paschal Kanon - Ode 1 2:48
413 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Thou Didst Descend into the Tomb, Tone 8 1:35
414 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Paschal Kanon - Ode 9 1:36
415 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant The Angel Cried out, Tone 5 (Greek melody) 4:24
416 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant In the Flesh Thou Didst Fall Asleep, Tone 3 1:39
417 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Paschal Stichera: Let God Arise, Tone 5 4:12
418 Bulgarian Byzantine Chant Day of Resurrection, Tone 5 6:22
419 Simantron 1:04
501 Byzantine Chant Rejoice, O Maria, Sticheron at the Aposticha 3
502 Byzantine Chant Refrain and Heirmos of Ode 9 for Meeting of the Lord 7:05
503 Byzantine Chant Awed by the Beauty of Your Virginity 2:49
504 Byzantine Chant Canon for the Nativity of the Theotokos - Odes 1, 3, 8 6:13
505 Byzantine Chant Rejoice, O Virgin, Tone 1 2:44
506 Byzantine Chant It Is Truly Fitting, Tone 1 2:44
507 Byzantine Chant A Good Word (Polyeleios for Feasts of the Theotokos) 9:19
508 Byzantine Chant Rejoice, O Queen (Ode 9 of the Second Canon for Pentecost) 6:44
509 Byzantine Chant Troparion for the Annunciation, Tone 4 1:23
510 Byzantine Chant We Shall All Sleep and Behold Christ, Tone 1 3:24
511 Byzantine Chant Blessed Is the Man, Tone 1 6:47
512 Byzantine Chant What Shall We Offer Thee, O Christ, Sticheron at Vespers of the Nativity 2:18
513 Byzantine Chant Sticheron at 9th Hour of the Eve of Theophany 3:36
514 Byzantine Chant Blood and Fire, and Smoke (Sticheron at the Praises of Sunday after Nativity) 4:11
515 Byzantine Chant What Shall We Render to the Lord, Tone 2 2:19
516 Byzantine Chant Bless The Lord, O My Soul; Praise the Lord (Liturgy Antiphons) 8:24
517 Byzantine Chant Sticheron at the Praises for the Feast of the Archangels 3:43
518 Byzantine Chant The Universe, Alleluia (Psalm Verses for the Feast of the Three Hierarchs) 7:14
601 Byzantine Chant Bell Ringing 11
602 Byzantine Chant I Shall Enter Thy House (Ps. 5) Tone 8 4:26
603 Byzantine Chant Lord, I Have Cried, Tone 1 5:37
604 Byzantine Chant Let My Prayer Arise, Tone 1 3:32
605 Byzantine Chant Psalm Verses (Athonite) 7:53
606 Byzantine Chant Stichera for St. Mary Magdalene 5:26
607 Byzantine Chant Sticheron at Glory for St. Mary Magdalene 8:21
608 Byzantine Chant Lity Sticheron for St. Mary Magdalene, Tone 1 4:13
609 Byzantine Chant Lity Sticheron for St. Mary Magdalene, Tone 2 3:48
610 Byzantine Chant Lity Glory Sticheron for St. Mary Magdalene, Tone 1 5:18
611 Byzantine Chant Troparion for St. Mary Magdalene, Tone 1 1:09
612 Byzantine Chant Rejoice, O Virgin, Tone 3 with Melismatic Terirem 3:46
613 Byzantine Chant And Blessed is the Fruit, Tone 5 4:28
614 Byzantine Chant The Image of Thy Pure Nativity, Tone 1 5:01
701 Byzantine Chant Kathisma Hymns at Matins for St. Mary Magdalene 5:06
702 Byzantine Chant Polyelieos, Tone 5 6:27
703 Byzantine Chant O Give Thanks to the Lord (Athonite), Tones 1, 7, and 8 7:42
704 Byzantine Chant Selected Psalm Verses, Tone 8 6:54
705 Byzantine Chant Kratima (Melismatic Chant: Aneena) 1:47
706 Byzantine Chant More Honorable 4:58
707 Byzantine Chant Exaposteilaria for St. Mary Magdalene 2:58
708 Byzantine Chant Let Every Breath 3:25
709 Byzantine Chant Psalm Verses at the Praises 4
710 Byzantine Chant Stichera at the Praises for St. Mary Magdalene 4:45
711 Byzantine Chant Glory at the Praises for St. Mary Magdalene, Tone 5 9:45
712 Byzantine Chant Now and Ever, for St. Mary Magdalene 0:41
713 Byzantine Chant Great Doxology, Tone 1 12:32
714 Byzantine Chant Asmatikon, Tone 1 2:42

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