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Russian Orthodox Easter (Recordings 1948-1950)

Various Composers

Don Cossacks Choir
Serge Jaroff
Brilliant Classics
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Throughout its long history the Don Cossack Choir sang for millions of wildly appreciative listeners on every continent of the world, and made scores of recordings, dating from the 1920s to the 1960s. Their style was flamboyant, even theatrical at times, but it was gripping in its compelling sincerity and emotional intensity. In the realm of Russian church singing, the one place where the Cossacks' style is perhaps most appropriate is the Paschal Matins service, with its exclamatory exchanges among clergy, choir, and people, and the wild enthusiam of the Paschal Canon and the Paschal Stichera "Let God arise." All this is captured on this recording, compiled and restored by Jaroff's collaborators and their heirs in Holland. Informative notes about the history of the Choir are in given in English, as are the titles. The sacred tracks on this unique historical sound document are identical to those on CD B082b in our catalog, but in this edition there is an extra bonus of 9 additional secular tracks amounting to more than 35 minutes of music.--V. M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Common Chant Thy Resurrection, O Christ Our Savior 6:01
2 Stepan Smolensky The Great Litany 3:09
3 Common Chant The Resurrection Canon This is the Day of Resurrection 1:16
4 Archimandrite Feofan Aleksandrov Hypakoe: Before the Dawn 1:29
5 Common Chant The Resurrection Canon 2:01
6 Archimandrite Feofan Aleksandrov Paschal Kondakion: You Descended into the Tomb 1:21
7 Alexander Arkhangelsky We have Seen the Resurrection of Christ 3:44
8 Common Chant The Resurrection Canon 4:48
9 Dmitry Bortniansky Paschal Exapostilarion: In the Flesh Thou didst Fall Asleep 4:34
10 Common Russian Chant Paschal Stichera: Let God Arise 3:21
11 Ural Melody The Litany of Supplication 2:37
12 Common Russian Chant The Paschal Troparion: Christ is Risen 1:04
13 Dmitry Bortniansky Let God Arise Concerto 5:48
14 Constantine Shvedoff From the History of the Original Don Cossack Chorus 9:11
15 Alexander Varlamov Snowstorm along the Street 2:35
16 Traditional Caucasian Melody (arr. S. Jaroff) 5:17
17 G. Davydovsky Bandura 9:26
18 Russian Folk Song Who knows? 2:59
19 Constantine Shvedoff Two Cossack Songs 3:40
20 Lev Knipper Meadowlands 3:36

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