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Russian Folk Songs

Don Cossacks Choir
Serge Jaroff
Moscow Representation Church St. Serguis Trinity Monastery
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This re-release of Russian folk songs performed by the world-famed Don Cossack Choir is taken from archival recordings made in the 1950s. The fidelity and quality of the sound is quite good and allows the listeners to experience fully why the Cossacks were wildly popular with audiences in thousands of concerts given over 50 years on every inhabited continent of this planet. The best tracks on this CD are the raw, authentic Cossack songs, which are performed with great gusto and unbridled vocal energy. The Don Cossacks put on a great show, and their legacy is now being heard in their Russian homeland as well as by new generations of fans who are re-discovering them through these re-mastered releases. The attractively designed booklet tells the story of the Don Cossacks and Serge Jaroff in both Russian and English, but no translations of the song texts are given. (This album was once available in our catalog--No. D013--as part of a 2-CD set on the Deutsche Grammophon label).--V.M



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 P. Bulakhov Shine, shine, my star 04:45
2 Jaroff, arr. Oh, on a little steep hill 03:01
3 Jaroff, arr. Upon the seas 02:25
4 Jaroff, arr. The breezes do not blow from a cloud 04:38
5 Cossack Song The Cossacks began to whistle 01:57
6 Ukrainian Folk Song The reapers are reaping on the hill 01:58
7 Jaroff, arr. Amidst dese forests 03:26
8 Jaroff, arr. A simple girl at the cemetery at night 01:53
9 Ukrainian Folk Song A young Ukrainian girl weeping 04:28
10 Cossack Song Lieutenant Cichirev 01:54
11 Anton Rubinstein I saw a butterfly with a broken wing 03:35
12 Anton Rubinstein We sailed in a boat 03:34
13 Alexander Varlamov A red saraphan 03:56
14 Listrov, arr. Shvedov I recall the charming sound of a waltz 06:21
15 Constantine Shvedoff I went to pick respberries early in the morning 02:36
16 G. Davydovsky I would take a bandura 05:06
17 Constantine Shvedoff The march of the cavaliers 02:39
18 Alexander Varlamov A snowstorm is sweeping along the street 03:01
19 Solovyov-Sedoy, V. Moscow Nights 04:44
20 Jaroff, arr. Pour out unsparingly 02:07
21 Sakharov, M. Pass the accordian over here 03:20

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