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Beautiful Pascha (Paskha Krasnaya)


Combined Choirs of Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra and Moscow Seminary
Archimandrite Matfey (Mormyl')
Moscow Representation Church
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This MP3 collection is part of a new series that presents the complete recordings made by the Combined Choirs of Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra and the Moscow Theological Academy, under the direction of the late Archimandrite Matfey (Mormyl'). Featured on this CD are portions of a Paschal Vespers celebrated by Patriarch Alexis II in the Cathderal of Christ the Savior in 1997, as well as other heretofore unpublished recordings of Paschal (Easter) hymns.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Paschal Bell Ringing 0:42
2 Procession 5:31
3 Moscow Chant Paschal Beginning 4:27
4 Hieromonk Nafanail Bochkalo Paschal Kanon 2:31
5 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant Paschal Kontakion 2:30
6 Kievan Chant Having Beheld the Resurrection of Christ 3:13
7 Krylov, arr., Paschal Exapostiliarion 2:03
8 Zosima Hermitage Chant Paschal Stichera 5:14
9 Alexander Kastalsky Christ Is Risen 1:57
10 Pavel Makarov The Angel Cried Out 2:06
11 Moscow Chant Great Prokeimenon - Who Is So Great a God 2:28
12 Alexander Kastalsky Praise the Name of the Lord 3:07
13 Pavel Chesnokov The Angelic Council 8:34
14 Novgorod St. Sophic Cathedral Melody Many Years 2:32
15 Stepan Smolensky Christ Is Risen 0:52
16 Rechkunov, Only Begotten Son 3:09
17 Pavel Chesnokov Cherubic Hymn 5:40
18 Deacon Sergiy Trubachov Let the Heavens Rejoice 1:37
19 A. Astaf'yev Christ Is Risen 1:21
20 Alexander Nikolsky The Lord Is My Light and Salvation 4:42
21 Miliy Balakirev The Angel Cried out 2:09
22 Kievan Chant Thy Resurrection O Christ Our Savior 0:41
23 Dmitry Bortniansky We Praise You O God 8:05
24 Fragments of Paschal Vespers Service 17:43

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