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Dogmatiki and Irmoi

Choir of the Most Gracious Savior Monastery, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Hieromonk Longin (Ragimov)
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There is a revival of ancient znamenny chant happening in Russia, and the city of Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains is one of the centers of this revival. Adopting the findings of Anatoly Kontotop, one of the leading chant scholars in Russia, the brothers of the Monastery of the Most Merciful Savior chant cycles of two major categories of melodies--the Theotokia Dogmatika and the Heirmoi of the Resurrectional Canons--in all 8 Tones, accompanying the melody with an ison (drone). This makes the singing sound remarkably like Greek Byzantine chant and the chant of other Orthodox churchs in the Balkans. Although there are no text translations given, and the notes are only in Russian, this CD is both a valuable educational tool and a pleasure to listen to.--V.M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 1 2:25
2 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 2 1:35
3 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 3 2:26
4 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 4 2:53
5 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 5 2:21
6 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 6 2:12
7 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 7 1:52
8 Theotokion Dogmatikon Tone 8 3:10
9 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 1 4:15
10 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 2 3:08
11 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 3 3:44
12 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 4 3:20
13 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 5 3:10
14 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 6 3:26
15 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 7 3:50
16 Resurrectional Heirmoi Tone 8 5:04

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