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Russian Women's and Children's Choirs

E018_search Irina Boldysheva Behold Your Tsar! 2 CD set

Irina Boldysheva

St. John Damascene Children's and Youth Choir, St. Petersburg

Irina Boldysheva


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H091_search Carols and Songs

Russian Chamber Chorus of New York

Nikolai Kachanov



CD Price: $15.98
E029_search Various Composers Celebrate, O New Jerusalem: Paschal Hymns

Various Composers

Sunday School Choir of the Moscow Representation Church of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery

Alexandra Podarueva

Trinity St. Sergius Monastery


CD Price: $16.98
E020_search Chants of Holy Pascha

The Choir of the Sisters of the St Elizabeth Convent, Minsk, Belarus


CD Price: $17.98
E028_search Chants of the Pokrov Monastery

Choir of Nuns of the Pokrov Monastery, Moscow


CD Price: $13.98
E033_search Various Chants and Composers Chants of the Russian Emigres; v.10

Various Chants and Composers

Ozarenie Chamber Choir of the Moscow Musical Society

Olga Burova


CD Price: $17.98
H086web_search Anatoly Konotop, transcriber and editor Church Polyphony in Russia of the 16th-18th Centuries

Anatoly Konotop, transcriber and editor

Children's Choir "Vesna"; Sirin Ensemble; Drevnerussky Raspev Ensemble

A. Zaboronok; A. Kotov, A. Grindenko


CD Price: $21.98
E12_search Various Composers Grand Children Choir "Morning"

Various Composers

Large Children Choir "Morning"

Victor Popov



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E022_search It Is Fitting to Extol You, O Mother of God

Sisters of the Nativity of the Mother of God Convent, Grodno, Belarus


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E021_search Let My Prayer Arise (Two-part Singing from the Russian North)

M√°tushki (Priest-Wives) Julia Koposov and Svetlana Vereschak


CD Price: $16.98

Recommended Russian Women's and Children's Choirs

E019_search The Day of Resurrection: Paschal Hymns

Women's Choir of the Choir Directors School at the Moscow Theological Academy

E. Baikova


CD Price: $17.98
MP3 Price: $9.99