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E002_search Various Composers Without Time or Season: Russian Choruses for Children

Various Composers

The Bolshoi Theatre Children's Choir

Andrey Zaboronok

Collins Classics


MP3 Price: $9.99
C128_search Various Composers With the Voice of the Archangel

Various Composers

Credo Choir

Boghdan Plish


MP3 Price: $9.99
I-060_search Various Chants and Composers With the Voice of the Archangel: Orthodox Liturgical Solos, Duets, and Trios

Various Chants and Composers

Archangel Voices

Vladimir Morosan

Archangel Voices


MP3 Price: $9.99
K088_search Zakaria Paliashvili Zakaria Paliashvili: Georgian Sacred Chants for the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Zakaria Paliashvili

Capitol Hill Chorale

Frederick Binkholder


MP3 Price: $9.99

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A141_cover_search Pavel Chesnokov Teach Me Thy Statutes

Pavel Chesnokov

PaTRAM Institute Male Choir

Vladimir Gorbik

Reference Recordings


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E034coverweb_search Volume 1 - Russian Orthodox Sacred Music

Vesna Children's Choir, Moscow

Alexander Ponomarev


MP3 Price: $9.99
D132_search Let Us Pray to the Most Holy Mother of God; works by composers of the Moscow Synodal School

Male Choir of the Moscow Representation Church of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery

Vladimir Gorbik

Saratov Diocese Publishing House


MP3 Price: $9.99
C122web_search Various Composers The Sacred Spirit of Russia

Various Composers


Craig Hella Johnson

Harmonia Mundi


This item is temporarily out of stock.
K050_search Roman Hurko Vespers

Roman Hurko

Vydubychi Church Chorus

Volodymyr Viniar

Private label


MP3 Price: $9.99