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Vasily Titov

Divine Service in G minor

Sluzhba bemuliarnaya

Olga Dolskaya-Ackerly
Divine Liturgy
Church Slavonic
Musica Russica
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Valery Titov's compositions epitomize the partesny (part-singing) style, which developed in Russia in the middle of the 17th century. Based on Western European models, it very closely resembles the middle Baroque works of Heinrich Schütz. This performing edition is an offprint from the volume Vasily Titov and the Russian Baroque, Musica Russica, 1995, and includes three of the central hymns from Titov’s towering Divine Liturgy (Divine Service) for twelve voices; 1) Glory...Only Begotten Son, 2) Cherubic Hymn, and 3) It Is Truly Fitting.


Table of Contents

No. Composer Title View PDF Listen
1 Vasily Titov Glory...Only Begotten Son Pdf_small
2 Vasily Titov Cherubic Hymn Pdf_small
3 Vasily Titov It Is Truly Fitting Pdf_small

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