Audio Diction CD: Divine Liturgy Texts - Rachmaninoff

Church Slavonic
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Cat No. Title Clip
DT-DL-Velikaya_yekt Velikaya yekteniya (The Great Litany)
DT-DL-Blagosl_dushe2 Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Ghospoda (Bless the Lord, O My Soul) (Liturgy)
DT-DL-Slava_otsu_Yedi Slava Otsu... Yedinorodnïy Sïne (Glory to the Father...Only Begotten Son)
DT-DL-Vo_Tsarstvii Vo Tsarstvii Tvoyem (In Thy Kingdom)
DT-DL-Priidite Priidite, poklonimsia (Come, Let Us Worship) (Liturgy)
DT-DL-Sviatiy_Bozhe Ghospodi, spasi... Sviatïy Bozhe (O Lord, Save...Holy God)
DT-DL-Heruvimskaya Heruvimskaya Pesn’ (The Cherubic Hymn)
DT-DL-Veruyu Veruyu (The Creed)
DT-DL-Milost_mira Milost’ mira (A Mercy of Peace)
DT-DL-Tebe_Poem Tebe poyem (We Hymn Thee)
DT-DL-Dostoyno_yest Dostoyno yest’ (It Is Truly Fitting)
DT-DL-Otche_nash Otche nash (Our Father)
DT-DL-Hvalite_Ghos Hvalite Ghospoda s nebes (Praise the Lord from the Heavens)
DT-DL-Blagosl_griady Blagosloven griadïy... Videhom svet istinnïy (Blessed Is He and We Have Seen the True Light)
DT-DL-Da_ispol Da ispolniatsia usta nasha (Let Our Mouths Be Filled)
DT-DL-Budi_imia Budi imia Ghospodne (Blessed Be the Name of the Lord)

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