Audio Diction CD: Passion Week Texts - Gretchaninoff

Church Slavonic
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Cat No. Title Clip
DT-PW-Se_Zhenih Se Zhenih griadet (Behold the Bridgegroom Comes)
DT-PW-Chertog Chertog Tvoy (Thy Bridal Chamber)
DT-PW-Vo_Tsarstvii Vo Tsarstvii Tvoyem (In Thy Kingdom)
DT-PW-Da_isprav Da ispravitsia molitva moya (Let My Prayer Arise)
DT-PW-Nine_sili Nïne silï nebesnïya (Now the Powers of Heaven)
DT-PW-Vecheri Vecheri Tvoyeya taynïya (Of Thy Mystical Supper)
DT-PW-Razboynika Razboynika blagorazumnago (The Wise Thief)
DT-PW-Gr052 Tebe odeyushchagosia (Thou, Who Clothest Thyself with Light)
DT-PW-Bog_Iosif Bog Ghospod’... Blagoobraznïy Iosif (Lord is God..Noble Joseph)
DT-PW-Ne_riday Ne rïday mene, Mati (Do Not Lament Me, O Mother)
DT-PW-Yelitsi Yelitsï vo Hrista (As Many as Have Been Baptized)
DT-PW-Da_molchit Da molchit vsiakaya plot (Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent)

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