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The ABC's of Russian Diction (DVD)

Vladimir Morosan
Musica Russica
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See video highlights here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pkb54eQ6WA

Internationally renowned diction coach and music publisher Vladimir Morosan teaches essential diction techniques that will enable you to pronounce Russian, Ukrainian, and Church Slavonic with confidence, accuracy, and authenticity. 

You will learn: 

• How to shape your mouth to pronounce Russian vowels 

• Where to place your tongue and lips to form Russian hard and soft consonants 

• How to achieve the correct results with such difficult sounds as the rolled R and the thick Russian L 

• What important pitfalls to avoid in order to sound authentically Russian 

Referencing over 300 on-screen examples in Cyrillic, the Russica™ Transliteration System, and the International Phonetic Alphabet, Morosan systematically goes through all the Russian vowel and consonant sounds, visually and audibly demonstrating each one. This video will benefit conductors, choral and solo singers, voice teachers and vocal coaches, clergy, actors, newscasters, public speakers, and everyone who desires to improve their pronunciation of Russian and other Eastern Slavic languages. 

Runtime: 1:05:00 / 16:9 / English