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Liturgy No. 3

Roman Hurko

Schola Cantorum of St. Peter
J. Michael Thompson
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Canadian/Ukrainian composer Roman Hurko is well-familiar to readers of this catalog. His Liturgy No. 2 (our cat. No. K042) Requiem for the Victims of Chernobyl (our cat. No. K054) and Vespers (our cat. No. K050) have all been best-selling favorites with our customers. In recent years, having come into contact with Orthodox church musicians in the English-speaking world, he has increasingly turned to composing in the English language; this recording is the first major fruit of this new direction. As always, Hurko's choral writing is beautiful and elegant, striving to be "timeless," while maintaining audible links with the choral heritage of Ukraine and Russia. The singing of the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter, also known to our listeners (e.g., our cat. No. I-046), is a fine choral ensemble of professional caliber, which does justice to the music. This CD will be enjoyed by lovers of fine choral singing and by those interested in the "latest fruits" of composition in the Orthodox and Eastern-rite Catholic realm. (Includes a 72-page booklet.)--V. M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Roman Hurko Great Litany 03:27
2 Roman Hurko First Antiphon 02:25
3 Roman Hurko Second Antiphon 03:23
4 Roman Hurko Beatitudes 1:54
5 Roman Hurko O Come, Let Us Worship 00:43
6 Roman Hurko Trisagion 02:29
7 Roman Hurko Beatitudes 01:54
8 Roman Hurko Alleluia 01:48
9 Roman Hurko Gospel 03:08
10 Roman Hurko Insistent Litany 02:26
11 Roman Hurko Cherubic Hymn 04:07
12 Roman Hurko Litany of Supplication 01:15
13 Roman Hurko The Kiss of Peace 00:28
14 Roman Hurko The Creed 02:09
15 Roman Hurko Anaphora; The Mercy of Peace 01:03
16 Roman Hurko Anaphora: It is Right 00:39
17 Roman Hurko Anaphora: Holy, holy, holy 00:52
18 Roman Hurko Anaphora: Consecration and We sing of You 01:56
19 Roman Hurko Anaphora: It is Truly Right 01:25
20 Roman Hurko Anaphora: And Remember all 01:28
21 Roman Hurko Litany of Supplication 02:21
22 Roman Hurko Our Father 03:00
23 Roman Hurko One is Holy; Praise the Lord 01:34
24 Roman Hurko Blessed is He 00:23
25 Roman Hurko We Have Seen the True Light 00:54
26 Roman Hurko May Our Mouths Be Filled 01:08
27 Roman Hurko Thanksgiving Litany 02:31
28 Roman Hurko Blessed be the Name of the Lord 00:27
29 Roman Hurko Blessing and Amen 00:26
30 Roman Hurko Dismissal and Final Amen 01:23
31 Roman Hurko Megalynarion for the Exaltation of the Cross - chant version 02:51
32 Roman Hurko Megalynarion for the Exaltation of the Cross - choral version 03:01
33 Roman Hurko Exapostilarion of Pascha 02:13

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