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From My Youth; An American Orthodox Journey

St. John's Girls Octet
Janet Augusta, Janet Maksimoff
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This CD contains two historic recordings of American Orthodox liturgical singing, made in the early 1970s by the St. John’s Girls Octet of Warren, Ohio. The re-mastered vinyl LPs, “From My Youth” and “New Valaamo,” include 25 tracks and feature a number of arrangements and compositions in English by American composers. In the summer of 1973, the Octet was invited to Alaska, where they spent six weeks traveling and singing throughout the state before thousands of native Orthodox faithful. While paying tribute to the youthful, missionary-minded spirit of St. John’s Girls Octet, the newly released CD aims to support the ongoing missionary work in Alaska, in that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to St. Herman’s Orthodox Seminary in Kodiak. “How wonderful it is for me to remember these young women....Thank you, O Lord, for this most marvelous gift that a priest can ever be given!”--From the Introduction by Father Thomas Hopko



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Valaam Chant From My Youth 01:42
2 John Matusiak, arr. Bless the Lord 00:57
3 Russian "Greek" Chant Rejoice, O Virgin 00:48
4 Janet Augusta, arr. Holy God 01:41
5 Ratsko Trbuhovich, Rejoice, O Isaiah 01:23
6 Kenneth Kovach, arr. Joyous Light 01:44
7 Valaam Chant O Blessed Father Herman of Alaska 02:55
8 John Matusiak, arr. Praise Ye the Name of the Lord 01:33
9 Priest Theodore Heckman The Lord Is My Shepherd 01:47
10 Priest John Platko My Soul Magnifies the Lord 04:06
11 Osacky, arr., Priest John Troparion to St. Herman of Alaska 01:00
12 Traditional Melody Augmented Litany 04:15
13 William Kraftician, arr. Trisagion 03:02
14 Priest Antony Bassoline, arr. Hymn to the Theotokos 01:21
15 Traditional We Have Seen the True Light 01:36
16 Janet Maksimoff, arr. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord 00:43
17 Turenkov; Adpt Frs. V & I Soroka, Make a Joyful Noise 01:07
18 Victor Kalinnikov Cherubic Hymn 04:53
19 Traditional Serbian Melody It Is Truly Meet 02:12
20 Pavel Makarov The Angel Cried 02:24
21 Sergei Rachmaninoff Rejoice, Virgin Theotokos 02:20
22 Alexander Kastalsky, arr. Our Father 01:51
23 Dmitry Bortniansky Ispola Eti Despota 01:35
24 Serge Boldireff, arr. Many Years 00:59
25 Leonard Soroka, arr. America, the Beautiful 02:52