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Rejoice in God, Our Helper [Raduytesia Bogu]

Children's and Youth Choir of the Moscow Representation Church of the Laura of Holy Trinity and St. Sergius
Natalia Kornach
Representation Church of Holy Trinity St. Sergius
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Russia is duly famous for its choirs--both church and secular, and the Representation Church of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery has recently emerged as a beacon of renewed sacred musical culture in Russia. This CD shows that great choirs don't just happen naturally; they are cultivated. The singing of the 25 children and teens on this CD is not flawless, but it demonstrates great talent, depth, and range. When they become adults, these young people will be worthy perpetuators of Orthodox liturgical singing in their homeland. About a two-thirds of the selections on this program are liturgical, while the rest are paraliturgical carols. The liturgical selections also include several Byzantine chants, which is seeing a resurgence in Russia. The beautiful booklet showcases the choir in Russian and in English. The singing of this choir will inspire young Orthodox singers everywhere!--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Dmitry Bortniansky Sing Alound Unto God Our Strength 02:38
2 Voznesensky Monastery Chant Rejoice, O Virgin 01:11
3 Pavel Chesnokov O Victorious Leader 01:23
4 Pavel Chesnokov Bless the Lord, O My Soul 01:07
5 Dmitry Bortniansky Only Begotten Son 02:19
6 Russian "Greek" Chant Cherubic Hymn 05:57
7 Petar Dinev Mercy of Peace 04:55
8 Russian "Greek" Chant Nativity Troparion 01:03
9 Russian "Greek" Chant Nativity Kontakion 02:13
10 Give a Glance 02:25
11 King of Israel 01:06
12 A New Joy 01:42
13 Today Our Savior Is Born 01:30
14 Heaven and Earth 01:58
15 Save us, Our Lady 03:50
16 Who Dares of Look at Christ Crucified 02:40
17 Kievan Chant In the Flesh Didst Thou Fall Asleep 01:54
18 Russian "Greek" Chant Christ Is Risen 00:26
19 Russian "Greek" Chant Having Beheld the Resurrection of Christ 01:21
20 Byzantine Chant Christ is Risen 00:54
21 Pavel Makarov The Angel Cried 02:34
22 Easter Hymn 00:49
23 Anton Arensky Christ is Risen 01:25

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MP3 Price: $9.99