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Pavel Chesnokov

Memorial Service (Requiem)


Op. 39a
Pavel Chesnokov
Vladimir Morosan
Church Slavonic
Musica Russica
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Large-scale cyclical works for male chorus that can fill half a program or even an entire program are few and far between. From the expert choral pen of Pavel Chesnokov comes this setting of the Russian Orthodox Requiem—known as the Panihida—a work that the composer himself created for both mixed chorus and male chorus. Performed in its entirety, with all the litanies, the work takes 50 to 55 minutes; but many of the sections are excerptable and can stand on their own. (The excerptable movements are available separately from Musica Russica.) However performed, this work contains some powerful and deeply spiritual writing for men’s voices.

Table of Contents

No. Composer Title View PDF Listen
The Text of the Panihida(transliteration and translation)
1 Pavel Chesnokov The Great Litany
2 Pavel Chesnokov Alleluia
3 Pavel Chesnokov Troparia: Blessed Art Thou Pdf_small
4 Pavel Chesnokov The Little Litany
5 Pavel Chesnokov Heirmos of the 3rd Ode
6 Pavel Chesnokov Heirmos of the 6th Ode
7/8 Pavel Chesnokov With the Saints Give Rest: Ode 9 Pdf_small
9 Pavel Chesnokov Troparia "With the Spirits of the Righteous"
10 Pavel Chesnokov The Augmented Litany
11 Pavel Chesnokov Memory Eternal Pdf_small