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Alexei Larin

Spanish Solfeggio

Ispanskoye sol'fedzhio

SSAA, S solo
nonsense syllables
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Alexei Larin (b. 1954) is one of the most active composers in Russia today, having written numerous works for chorus, for ensembles of Russian folk instruments, as well as for various classical instruments. As a composer, Larin His works have been widely performed and recorded by Russian and non-Russian soloists and ensembles. “Spanish solfeggio” was composed in 1999. The composer had long been intrigued with the idea of choral music that would not require translation. This work is his first experiment along those lines. The text is comprised of note names (solfege syllables) and other random syllables taken from Spanish folksongs (having no particular meaning). The driving Spanish rhythms, punctuated with body percussion, make this piece a challenging yet highly effective multi-cultural program closer.

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