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Russia - Choirs, Ballads, and Balalaikas (3 CD set)

Rus' State Choreographic Ensemble; Or chestra of Moscow Gypsy Theatre "Romen"; Balalaikas of Moscow
Sunset France Productions
CD Price: $23.98


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Although the performers on 2 of the 3 CDs are credited inaccurately (for the record, the first CD is by the State Choreographic Ensemble directed by Mikhail Firsov (formerly in our catalog as G14), this is a most enjoyable compilation of Russian folk music, suitable for listening or playing in the background at your Russian party. And the price -- $21.98 for 3 CDs! -- is right!;;



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
101 The rising red sun
102 'Tanya, tatiana'
103 In the moonlight
104 It's not the evening yet
105 Monotonously rings the bell
106 Golden mountains
107 The burning moon high in the sky
108 'Enough of you, snow'
109 A girl walking in the forest
110 Our place by the forest
111 Wattle fence
112 Oh you rubies
113 Prairie road ran across
114 My green grass
115 'Grow, grow snow ball tree'
116 Oh you my garden
117 It's fine brothers
118 Down the blue sea
201 'Don't leave me, my darling'
202 My sweetheart lives in a high chamber
203 A magic moon's stripes
204 Drive fast to the yar coachman
205 Coachman spare your horses
206 Have feelings
207 Night is bright
208 Your eyes are green
209 Those were the days
210 Chrysanthemums stopped blooming
211 A beggar
212 Dark eyes
213 My heart is aching
214 Two guitars
215 At the fatal hour
216 And song is flowing
301 In the hallway
302 Oy you my snow ball tree
303 The grey pigeon with golden head
304 It s not the wind that bows the branch
305 Wedding of a young girl
306 My winter
307 Meadow duckling
308 Russian dance song
309 Old linden tree
310 Songs of voronezh
311 Gypsy girl
312 My folks blame me
313 Saratov races
314 Let´s go out to the street
315 Stay with me my godfather
316 Russian dance song

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