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Sing to the Lord a New Song


St. Athanasius Orthodox Church Choir
Valerie Yova
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St. Athanasius Orthodox Church in Santa Barbara, California, has traveled a long and colorful road from Evangelical Protestantism to the Orthodox Christian Faith, being received into Orthodoxy in 1987, along with a number of other “Evangelical Orthodox” parishes. At every step of the way, it has recognized the importance of liturgical singing and has cultivated a tradition of excellence in that realm, originally under the guidance of composer and missionary priest, Father John Finley, and since 2010, under the current Music Director, Valerie Yova. This CD presents a 30-year retrospective of the parish’s musical traditions, including works by traditional “Old World" Orthodox composers and works by living “New World” composers, some of whom are members of the parish. The tuneful and harmonious singing on this CD and the richness and variety of traditions represented exemplify the vibrant musical life that can be achieved within a parish that takes liturgical singing seriously and, in the words of the liner notes, “has always paved the way with regard to exploring home-grown American expressions of the liturgical arts.” Not only will the music on this CD provide many hours of enjoyable listening (along with a few bonus “comic relief” tracks), it will also serve as an inspirational example to other parishes in North America as they develop and project the light and beauty of the Orthodox Faith to the society around them.—V. M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Fr. John Finley Joyfully With One True Voice 2:45
2 Vladimir Morosan Christ Is Risen OMP-VM001 1:46
3 Alexander Arkhangelsky Thy Bridal Chamber 2:17
4 Nazo Zakkak Great Litany 3:31
5 Archpriest Sergei Glagolev Anaphora 5:01
6 Galician Chant In The Flesh 2:55
7 Gornensky Monastery The Jesus Prayer 1:55
8 Fr. John Finley Rejoice, O Virgin Theotokos 2:13
9 Fr. John Finley Cherubic Hymn 2:13
10 Fr. John Finley Prokeimenon For The Feast Of The Nativity Of Christ 0:58
11 Fr. John Finley The Wise Thief 1:14
12 Alexander Arkhangelsky By The Waters Of Babylon 4:08
13 Receive The Body Of Christ 3:27
14 Nazo Zakkak O, Isaiah, Dance Your Joy 1:39
15 Nazo Zakkak Gladsome Light 2:15
16 Nazo Zakkak Holy God 2:55
17 Nazo Zakkak It Is Truly Meet 1:34
18 Nazo Zakkak Cherubic Hymn 4:05
19 Nazo Zakkak Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord 1:05
20 Nazo Zakkak Today Is The Beginning Of Our Salvation 1:49
21 Fr. John Finley Kontakion For The Feast Of The Nativity Of Christ 1:42
22 Byzantine Chant Exapostilarion For The Feast Of The Nativity Of Christ (Byzantine Chant) 1:30
23 Sakellarides, arr., Exapostilarion For The Feast Of The Nativity Of Christ (Sakellarides/Gellsinger) 1:52
24 Wey, arr., Priest David Holy God 4:35
25 Fr. John Finley Worthy Is The Lamb 4:13
26 Dn. Douglas King I Have Seen The Kingdom 2:37
27 Dn. Douglas King Within These Walls 2:35
28 Byzantine Chant Troparion To St. Athanasius 1:26
29 Fr. John Finley Memory Eternal 0:58
30 Archpriest Sergei Glagolev Alleluia 2:13
31 Warm-Ups 0:35
32 Troparion To St. Nicholas (Doot Doots) 1:02
33 Serbian Chant Troparion To St. Nicholas 1:19
34 Dmitry Bortniansky Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord (Bortniansky) 1:16

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